Analyse your customer database to streamline data purchases

Analyse your customer database to streamline data purchases

By segmenting and analysing your existing customer database you can uncover your very best customers and their key characteristics to help streamline data purchases.

This key information enables you to focus your attention on developing your relationships with your key clients and winning new business from them.

Identifying these contacts gives you more opportunities to up-sell or cross sell, further leveraging your existing customer relationships.

You just need to ask certain questions of your customer database.

This is a simple and straight forward process that appears obvious to many, but a lot of our clients fail to do this.

Firstly, you will need to look at who your most profitable clients are.

Once you have established a list of clients, you can ask the following questions of them to identify their key criterion to match against data suppliers.

  • What sectors do the operate in?

  • Where, geographically, are they located?

  • How many people do they employ?

  • How much do they turnover?

  • Which contacts within the do you need to introduce your services?

At this point you may want to put your existing clients into buckets based on their profitability.

Grading them with help you establish exactly what data for each bucket is worth and how much budget you would apportion to each.

It also gives you an idea of how you would like to plan your out-bound strategies and the best markets to target first, second, third etc.

So, we have identified who your best clients are by certain criteria, now it’s time to find more of them.

Why work with Results Driven Marketing to Streamline Data Purchases?

By working with Results Driven Marketing and our fantastic database, we can take your clients key identifying qualities and then search our database based on them.

The resulting database supplied by us is totally bespoke, matches your key client’s identifiers and provides you with a fantastic audience to sell your products and services to.

We can also supply the results based on how you have bucketed your clients.

It saves money, in the reduction of wastage, while allowing you to streamline your data-driven campaigns, focussing your budget in the most likely places to generate significant ROI.

Following this simple process has helped many of our clients dramatically increase the performance of the data they procure and free up marketing budget which can be used in other areas.

If you would be interested in talking to us further on the best ways to purchase b2b data, generate leads and save money, feel free to call us on 0191 406 6399 or drop us an email to arrange a free consultation.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can h elp you streamline your data purchases.

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