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What Percentage of Businesses Use Video Marketing?

What Percentage of Businesses Use Video Marketing?

What percentage of businesses use video marketing?

91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool which is an all-time high*

Table of contents:

    The Power of Video: Revolutionising Business Marketing

    As we traverse the digital age, marketing strategies have seen significant shifts, with content formats evolving to cater to consumer preferences. Among the various mediums available, video has emerged as a dominant force, compelling businesses to integrate it into their marketing arsenals. This article delves into the transformative power of video marketing, emphasising its role in shaping modern business landscapes.

    Statistics and Facts

    A whopping 85% of businesses today use video as a crucial marketing tool. This isn’t just a trend; it’s backed by concrete results. Video content outperforms other formats, with landing pages incorporating videos seeing an 80% increase in conversion rates. Additionally, emails with videos have a 60% higher click-through rate compared to those without.

    Benefits of Video Marketing

    • Enhanced Engagement: Videos captivate attention instantly, ensuring that your message resonates deeply with viewers.
    • Improved SEO: Websites with videos often see higher traffic and improved search rankings, thanks to video-optimized SEO strategies.
    • Building Trust: Whether it’s a heartfelt brand story, a detailed product demo, or a genuine customer testimonial, videos have a unique way of fostering trust with audiences.
    • Mobile Friendliness: With an increasing number of consumers accessing content via mobile, videos offer an adaptable and user-friendly experience.

    Getting Started

    For those embarking on their video marketing journey, tools like Adobe Premiere for editing and platforms like Vimeo or YouTube for hosting can be invaluable. Remember, the key lies in authentic storytelling, concise content, and a clear call-to-action.

    Challenges & Solutions

    However, the journey to successful video marketing isn’t without hurdles. Many businesses cite budget constraints and a lack of in-house expertise as primary challenges. The good news? Solutions like stock footage platforms and freelance video creators can bridge the gap, making quality video content accessible to all.

    Future of Video Marketing

    With advancements like live streaming, 360-degree videos, and augmented reality on the horizon, the potential for video marketing is boundless. Furthermore, the advent of 5G is set to redefine video streaming and consumption, making it even more integral to marketing strategies.


    Video marketing, in its essence, is a powerful tool that has seen a meteoric rise in the digital marketing realm. Businesses, recognising its potential, have adopted it widely, as statistics favourably tilt towards its efficacy in boosting engagements and conversions. While challenges like budgeting and expertise may arise, solutions are available, making it accessible for brands, big and small.

    As we look towards the future, innovations in video content, coupled with technological advancements, predict an even brighter horizon for this medium. In summary, any business aiming for impactful, future-ready marketing cannot afford to overlook the compelling force that is video marketing.

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