List of Industries in the UK

List of Industries in the UK

Choosing the right sectors to target can be challenging, so we have put together a helpful list of industries in the UK to help you choose.

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List of Industries in the UK – Top Level Selection Breakdown

A0 Advertising & Promotion Cos. – Total List
B0 Banking & Financial Services – Total List
C0 Miscellaneous Classifications – Total List
E0 Education & Training Establishments – Total List
F0 Farming & Animal Establishments – Total List
G0 Govt & Public Sector Establishments – Total List
H0 Hotels & Catering Establishments – Total List
I0 Information Technology
J0 Importers, Exporters & Agents – Total UK List
K0 Industrial Companies – Total List
L0 Legal & Accounting Firms – Total List
N0 Medical & Health – Total List
P0 Professionals – Total List
R0 Retailers – Total List
S0 Sport & Leisure Establishments – Total List
T0 Trade Contractors – Total List
U0 Transport, Shipping & Storage – Total List
W0 Wholesale, Distribution & Servicing Cos. – Total List

Speak to one of our consultants today to discuss your specific marketing needs and sectors selections

List of Industries in the UK – Botton Level Breakdown Sorted Alphabetically

FA104 Abattoirs 139
NA102 Abortion Advice 87
KB106 Abrasive Products – Mnfrs & Distributors 56
WA104 Abrasive Products – Wholesalers 56
PB102 Access Consultants 2
KB243 Access Control Systems 2
KB418 Access Equipment 417
UA101 Accident Management 443
PA104 Accommodation Address Agents 115
LA120 Accountants – Firms, All (Selectable by no.of Employees) 16,437
LA124 Accounting & Book-Keeping Services 5,631
PB104 Acoustic Consultants 273
PB108 Acoustic Engineers 74
LA128 Actuaries 73
NA104 Acupuncture Practitioners 1,262
NA105 Addiction Rehabilitation & Treatment 475
KB781 Adhesive Tapes 51
KB172 Adhesives, Glues & Sealants 197
NA108 Adoption & Fostering 664
EA100 Adult Education Centres 722
AA104 Advertising – Directories 122
AA108 Advertising – Media 768
AA112 Advertising – Outdoor 97
A0 Advertising & Promotion Cos. – Total List 34,673
AA116 Advertising Agencies – All 1,518
AA120 Advertising Agencies – Leading 609
AA124 Advertising Services 1,361
AA128 Aerial Surveys & Photographers 176
KB729 Aeronautical Instrument Makers 42
KB175 Aerosols 33
EA103 After School Care 596
TA104 Agricultural Buildings 129
TC104 Agricultural Contractors 1,797
PB112 Agricultural Engineers 840
WB104 Agricultural Machinery – Sales & Service 647
WA108 Agricultural Merchants 796
FA106 Agricultural Services 744
KB421 Agricultural Vehicles 313
NA110 Air Ambulance Services 39
KB424 Air Compressors 318
TC108 Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contractors 1,349
PB116 Air Conditioning Consultants 160
KB427 Air Conditioning Equipment & Systems 455
KB430 Air Purification Equipment 78
PB117 Air Tightness Testing 11
UA104 Aircraft – Services For 267
UA108 Aircraft Charter, Renting & Leasing 142
UA116 Airfreight Services 121
UA120 Airline Services 150
UA124 Airline Ticket Agencies 26
UA128 Airlines 148
UA132 Airport Transfer & Transportation Services 1,603
UA136 Airports 125
NA112 Alcohol Misuse – Advice & Counselling 160
NA116 Alexander Technique 218
MKC100 All Businesses in the Megabase 3,136,560
MKC101 All Commercial Businesses 2,572,623
NA118 Allergy Testing 4
KB100 Alloys 92
NA120 Alternative & Complementary Medicines & Therapies 3,872
KA337 Aluminium Fabricators 334
WA112 Aluminium Stockholders 88
NA124 Ambulance Services 373
KB244 Amusement Machines 485
SA104 Amusement Parks & Arcades 853
SA108 Angling & Sports Fishing 658
KB331 Animal By-Products 60
UA140 Animal Carrier Services 51
FA110 Animal Welfare Organisations 762
KA340 Anodisers 26
RA104 Antique Dealers 2,409
TB108 Antiques – Repairing & Restoring 463
RA108 Aquarium & Pond Supplies 693
KA745 Aquarium & Vivarium Tank & Accessory Mnfrs 27
LA132 Arbitrators 50
FA111 Arboricultural 3
PB118 Archaeologists 181
WA114 Architectural Ironmongers 17
PA120 Architectural Practices – 10 Plus Employees 1,045
PA124 Architectural Practices – 20 Plus Employees 442
PA112 Architectural Practices – All (Selectable by any no. of Employees) 5,430
PA128 Architectural Services 3,314
PA132 Architectural Technologists 346
PA136 Architectural Woodwork 216
GA108 Armed Forces – Recruiting 77
GA112 Armed Services – Reserve Forces 581
RA110 Army Surplus Stores 92
NA128 Aromatherapy 247
RA112 Art & Craft Materials 1,087
SA102 Art Galleries & Fine Art Dealers 2,556
TB109 Art Restoration & Picture Cleaning 102
KB708 Artificial Grass Suppliers 96
AA132 Artists & Illustrators 1,554
SA109 Arts 554
SA103 Arts Centres 429
UA142 Arts Transportation & Storage 1
TA108 Asbestos Surveys & Removal 714
TA112 Asphalt & Coated Macadam Laying Contractors 437
TA116 Asphalt & Macadam Suppliers 67
GA116 Assembly Members 3
LA136 Assessors 288
CC0 Associations & Organisations – Total List 41,193
CB100 Astrologers 63
SA111 Attractions 2,091
CB103 Au Pair Agencies 58
PA140 Auctioneers & Valuers 830
KB247 Audio-Visual Equipment & Supplies 613
AA136 Audio-Visual Production & Presentation Services 1,326
LA140 Auditors 140
UA144 Auto Electricians 695
UA146 Auto Locksmiths 179
WA115 Autogas Suppliers & Installers 4
KB730 Automation Systems & Equipment 365
MKC107 Automotive Industry 8,220
PB120 Aviation Consultants 209
PB124 Aviation Engineers 346
UA148 Aviation Supplies 237
CA103 Axle Supplies & Services 12
KB931 Baby & Nursery Equipment 569
CB105 Baby Shower Services 2
CB106 Baby Sitters 48
NA131 Back Care 5
KB334 Bacon & Ham Curers & Merchants 53
KB784 Badges & Emblems 96
KB664 Bags – Paper, Plastic & Fabric – Suppliers 199
KB787 Bags, Belts & Accessories – Mnfrs & Suppliers 72
LA142 Bailiffs 111
WA117 Bakers – Wholesale 3
RA116 Bakers’ Shops 7,306
KB337 Bakery & Confectionery Supplies 401
KB433 Bakery Equipment Mnfrs & Suppliers 48
EA106 Ballet Schools 173
UA152 Balloons – Hot Air 35
RA120 Balloons – Novelty 583
B0 Banking & Financial Services – Total List 72,200
BA104 Banks & Other Financial Institutions 10,751
CA106 Bar Code Products & Services 108
KB364 Bar Equipment & Accessories 106
TC112 Bar Fitters 25
RA123 Barbecue Equipment & Supplies 53
RA124 Barbers 5,767
LA144 Barristers 231
HA104 Bars-Mobile 10
TC116 Bath Resurfacing 91
KB436 Bathroom Equipment & Fittings 813
KA346 Bathroom Fixtures – Mnfrs 112
TC117 Bathroom Installation & Supply 63
RA128 Bathroom Planners & Furnishers 2,361
KA205 Battery Mnfrs 51
KB250 Battery Suppliers 214
RA130 Beads 3
KA349 Bearing Mnfrs 78
WA116 Bearings Stockists 319
CB107 Beauticians – Mobile 94
PB128 Beauty Consultants & Specialists 2,221
RA132 Beauty Products 4,974
RA136 Beauty Salons 12,068
EA109 Beauty Schools 190
HA106 Bed & Breakfast 57
KA271 Bed & Mattress Mnfrs 74
RA140 Bedroom Planners & Furnishers 615
RA144 Beds, Bedding & Blankets 1,561
FA112 Beekeeping 75
KA580 Belting Mnfrs 13
GA120 Benefits Agency 965
NA130 Bereavement Counselling 139
SA112 Bingo Halls 398
KB733 Binoculars & Telescopes 42
GA124 Births, Marriages & Deaths 402
KA238 Biscuit Mnfrs 106
KA352 Blacksmiths & Forgemasters 426
KA355 Blast Cleaning 306
KA358 Blast Cleaning Equipment Mnfrs 65
KB934 Blinds, Awnings & Canopies 1,815
NA132 Blood Donor Services 26
NA134 Blood Services 28
FA124 Blood Stock Agents 37
FA128 Boarding Kennels & Catteries 3,237
TC118 Boat Cleaning Services 32
UA162 Boat Deliverers 26
UA156 Boat Equipment & Accessories 101
SA114 Boat Trips, Rental & Leasing 512
KB892 Boatbuilders & Repairers 556
UA164 Boats – Sales 184
NA129 Body Toning Studios 1,135
KA361 Boiler Mnfrs 55
TB116 Boilers – Servicing, Replacements & Repairs 1,120
KA535 Book Publishers 1,450
KA538 Bookbinding & Equipment 179
SA124 Bookmakers 7,151
RA152 Books – Rare & Secondhand 558
RA156 Booksellers 2,610
NA135 Botox Treatment 9
KB109 Bottle Mnfrs & Suppliers 33
KA243 Bottlers 29
KB445 Bottling Machinery & Equipment 20
SA128 Bouncing Castles & Inflatables Hire 1,240
NA133 Bowen Therapy 3
SA132 Bowling Centres 266
KB667 Boxes & Cartons 388
KA364 Brake & Clutch Mnfrs 55
UA168 Brake & Clutch Service Centres 179
KA367 Brass & Copper Mnfrs & Suppliers 25
KA370 Brassware Mnfrs 15
UA170 Breakdown & Recovery 42
FA129 Breeders & Dealers – Birds 49
FA130 Breeders & Dealers – Horses 322
FA131 Breeders & Dealers – Other 35
KA241 Brewers 833
KB338 Brewery Supplies 81
WA128 Brick Merchants 81
KA145 Brick Mnfrs 113
KA07 Brick, Pottery & Glass Mfrs – Total List 2,285
KB07 Brick, Pottery & Glass Mfrs & Suppliers – Total List 2,587
TA120 Bricklaying 820
RA160 Bridal Shops 1,771
CA111 Broadband Services 13
CA112 Broadcasting Services 217
KA274 Brush Mnfrs 57
TA124 Builders 20,694
WA132 Builders’ Merchants 4,699
KA373 Builders’ Tools & Equipment Mnfrs 64
TA0 Building & Construction – Total List 54,594
TA102 Building & Construction Cos. – 50 plus employees 1,234
TA126 Building & Extension Plans 5
KB112 Building Block Mnfrs & Distributors 24
PB132 Building Consultants 836
CA115 Building Information Services 13
TA128 Building Refurbishment & Restoration Contractors 718
TA132 Building Services 1,977
BA112 Building Societies & Other Financial Institutions 1,485
TA136 Buildings – Sectional & Portable 465
FA132 Bulb Growers & Suppliers 94
BA120 Bullion Dealers 87
SA134 Bungee Jumping 4
BA124 Bureaux De Changes 781
KB253 Burglar & Intruder Alarm Systems 1,529
UA172 Bus & Coach Operators & Stations 732
PB136 Business & Management Consultants 8,032
CC100 Business & Trade Organisations 491
PA142 Business Centres 925
GA128 Business Enterprise Agencies 127
CA118 Business Information Services 777
BA128 Business Transfer Agents 130
RA164 Butchers 5,612
KB446 Butchers’ Equipment & Supplies 57
KA277 Cabinet Makers 823
KA208 Cable & Wire Equipment Mnfrs 107
KB256 Cable & Wire Suppliers 198
CA121 Cable TV Services 11
HA108 Cafes, Snack Bars & Tea Rooms 14,845
KB340 Cake Decorating Equipment & Supplies 56
HA112 Cake Makers & Decorators 2,406
KB697 Calendar Specialists 63
AA140 Call Centres 233
CB109 Calligraphers 51
RA168 Camping Equipment Suppliers 229
SA136 Camping Sites 819
KA376 Can Mnfrs 21
KB178 Candle Mnfrs & Suppliers 264
RA172 Cane Goods & Basketware 50
KB790 Canvas Goods 60
KA02 Capital Equipment Manufacturers 10,529
KA100 Capital Equipment Manufacturers 10,529
UA236 Car & Truck Leasing & Contract Hire 746
RA175 Car Accessories & Parts 3,830
KA712 Car Accessories Mnfrs 5
KB893 Car Air Conditioning 5
UA176 Car Auctions 119
KB894 Car Audio & Entertainment Systems 249
UA180 Car Body Repairs 6,041
UA184 Car Breakdown & Recovery Services 1,368
UA188 Car Breakers & Dismantlers 1,157
UA190 Car Buyers 7
KA715 Car Component Mnfrs 242
BA132 Car Credit & Finance 148
UA192 Car Customisation and Vehicle Conversion Specialists 455
UA196 Car Dealers 4,864
UA200 Car Dealers – Used 5,870
TC119 Car Disposal 221
UA204 Car Engine Tuning & Diagnostic Services 448
UA208 Car Hire – Chauffeur Driven 1,312
JA108 Car Imports 90
KA718 Car Mnfrs 389
KB181 Car Paint & Lacquer Mnfrs & Suppliers 200
UA212 Car Painters & Sprayers 250
UA216 Car Parking & Garaging 525
TB128 Car Radiator Servicing & Repairs 108
RA176 Car Radio Dealers 1
UA220 Car Rental 2,643
KB259 Car Security 190
RA177 Car Supermarkets 340
UA224 Car Transportation 318
UA228 Car Trimmers & Upholsterers 297
CA124 Car Valet Services 1,478
UA240 Car Washes 725
KB448 Car Washing & Polishing Equipment & Supplies 176
UA242 Car Window Tinting 8
KB895 Caravan Accessories & Supplies 128
UA244 Caravan Dealers & Mnfrs 150
UA248 Caravan Hire – Motorhomes & Trailers 155
SA140 Caravan Parks 2,289
UA252 Caravan Storage 215
UA256 Caravan Transport & Towing 51
TB132 Caravans – Servicing & Repairs 420
PB138 Carbon Assessment 1
KB184 Carbon Products 30
RA180 Card & Poster Shops 2,561
NA138 Care Staff Agencies 5
CA130 Career Guidance Services 630
NA137 Carers & Home Help Services 1,611
UA260 Cargo Handling Services 200
TC120 Carpenters & Joiners 9,192
TC124 Carpet & Fabric Proofing 36
RA188 Carpet Fitting Accessories 6
TC128 Carpet Planning & Fitting 974
RA184 Carpet, Curtain & Upholstery Cleaners 3,057
KA652 Carpets & Rugs – Mnfrs 156
RA191 Carpets & Rugs – Oriental 78
TB136 Carpets & Rugs – Repairing 29
RA192 Carpets & Rugs – Retail 4,522
WA136 Carpets & Rugs – Wholesale 158
TA140 Carports 12
KA280 Case Mnfrs 89
WA140 Cash & Carry Wholesalers 1,098
KB260 Cash Handling Equipment 46
KB226 Cash Registers & Check-Out Equipment 508
SA144 Casinos 207
FA136 Cat Breeders 40
FA137 Cat Grooming 1
RA196 Catalogue Showrooms 999
HA116 Caterers 4,100
HA120 Catering – Mobile 1,058
KB451 Catering Equipment 944
HA124 Catering Equipment – Hire 271
TB140 Catering Equipment – Servicing & Repairs 283
HA128 Catering Food & Drink Suppliers 755
EA112 Catering Schools 191
HA132 Catering Supplies 275
KB262 Cctv & Video Equipment 1,079
CA134 Cd & Dvd Duplication Services 123
PA145 Cdm Co-Ordinators 1
RA199 CD’s, DVD’s, Vinyl & Tapes 618
TC132 Ceiling Contractors 158
TC136 Ceilings – Suspended 450
TA142 Cellar & Basement Conversions 20
KB115 Cement Mnfrs & Distributors 50
GA132 Cemeteries & Crematoria 444
GA136 Central Government 1,216
TB144 Central Heating – Installation & Servicing 5,238
WA144 Central Heating Supplies & Equipment 217
KB118 Ceramic Mnfrs, Supplies & Services 249
GA140 Certification Bodies 271
KB454 Chain Mnfrs & Distributors 33
WB108 Chainsaws – Sales & Service 24
RA201 Chair Covers 5
JA112 Chambers Of Commerce 175
RA200 Chandlers 74
KB187 Charcoal Suppliers 4
CC103 Charities & Voluntary Organisations 16,467
RA204 Charity Shops 8,971
CB110 Chatlines 3
KB343 Cheese Makers & Suppliers 129
PB140 Chemical Engineers 63
KA187 Chemical Mnfrs 500
KB457 Chemical Plant & Equipment 30
KA10 Chemical Product Mnfrs – Total List 1,754
KB10 Chemical Product Mnfrs & Suppliers – Total List 1,984
CA136 Chemical Recycling & Disposal Services 80
WA148 Chemicals – Distributors & Wholesalers 410
KB190 Chemicals & Allied Products 131
NA136 Chemists – Analytical & Consulting 168
WA152 Chemists’ & Pharmacists’ Suppliers & Wholesalers 255
RA216 Chemists, Dispensing – Independents 3,478
RA220 Chemists, Dispensing – Total Including Multiples 12,015
BA136 Cheque Cashing 75
CB111 Childcare Services 840
CB112 Childminders 2,105
KB793 Children & Babywear – Mnfrs & Wholesalers 126
RA224 Children & Babywear – Retail 1,030
SA148 Children’s Activity Centres 1,421
SA149 Childrens Entertainers 48
NA140 Children’s Homes 440
SA150 Children’s Party Services 35
TA144 Chimney Builders & Repairers 140
TC140 Chimney Sweeps 1,174
WA160 China & Glassware – Wholesale 26
KB121 China & Glassware Mnfrs & Repairs 39
RA228 China & Glassware Shops 159
WA158 Chinese Food Wholesalers and Suppliers 27
HA321 Chinese Takeaways 3,809
NA144 Chiropodists (Podiatrists) 3,101
NA148 Chiropractors 1,520
HA133 Chocolate Fountains 32
KB670 Christmas Goods 158
KA244 Cider Makers 94
KB736 Cinema Equipment 152
SA152 Cinemas 640
AA144 Circular Distribution Services 221
PB144 Civil Engineers 2,053
TA148 Cladding Suppliers & Installers 555
BA138 Claims Investigators 158
BA139 Claims Management 11
CB115 Clairvoyants & Palmists 554
UA264 Classic Car Specialists 259
KA148 Clay & Clay Products 30
SA154 Clay Pigeon Shooting 202
WA162 Cleaning Equipment – Industrial 110
WA163 Cleaning Materials & Equipment 767
TC152 Cleaning Services – Domestic 4,874
KB267 Climate Control 1
NA150 Clinical Commissioning Group 142
NA152 Clinics – N.H.S. 1,800
NA156 Clinics – Private 2,173
KB739 Clocks & Watches – Mnfrs & Wholesalers 193
RB100 Clocks & Watches – Sales & Repair 706
KA658 Clothing & Fabrics – Mnfrs 584
KA655 Clothing Accessory Mnfrs 68
TB148 Clothing Repairs & Alterations 1,180
WA164 Clothing Wholesalers 674
SA156 Clubs & Associations – Social, Leisure & Cultural 6,825
UA268 Coach Hire 1,810
WA168 Coal & Smokeless Fuel Merchants & Distributors 692
KA103 Coal Companies 9
KA106 Coal Mining 15
GA142 Coastguard 38
KB367 Coat Hangers 13
KA379 Coating Specialists 426
KB460 Coffee Machines 198
HA134 Coffee Shops 7,121
KA283 Coffin Mnfrs 49
RA232 Coins & Medals 131
UA272 Cold Storage 125
RA236 Collectors’ Items 396
EA118 Colleges – Technical & Agricultural 20
NA158 Colonic Hydrotherapy 1
KB193 Colour Mnfrs & Suppliers 42
SA159 Combat Games 51
SA161 Comedy Clubs 35
RA240 Comics & Magazine Suppliers 150
TC148 Commercial Cleaning Services 4,274
TC155 Commercial Decorators 1
PA144 Commercial Energy Assessors 32
PA143 Commercial Property Agents 962
WA170 Commercial Vehicle & Car Cleaning Equipment & Supplies 1
KB898 Commercial Vehicle Bodybuilders & Repairers 291
UA276 Commercial Vehicle Breakdown & Recovery Services 92
KA721 Commercial Vehicle Component Mnfrs 28
UA280 Commercial Vehicle Dealers 1,155
KA724 Commercial Vehicle Mnfrs 87
UA284 Commercial Vehicle Security 27
TB152 Commercial Vehicle Servicing, Repairs, Parts & Accessories 1,377
CC106 Committees & Panels 615
BA140 Commodity Brokers 124
SA160 Community Centres 3,837
CC104 Community Networks 2,125
CC109 Community Projects 737
MKC199 Companies by Turnover 2,014,991
MKC104 Companies on Business & Industrial Estates 162,766
LA145 Company Formations 89
LA148 Company Registrar 15
LA152 Company Registration Agents 47
IA106 Comparison Websites 19
LA154 Compensation Claims 186
CA137 Complaint Management 7
KA13 Computer & Office Machinery Mnfrs – Total List 316
KB13 Computer & Office Machinery Mnfrs & Suppliers – Total List 904
CA139 Computer & Telephone Cleaning Services 45
RA242 Computer Accessories 11
PB147 Computer Aided Design 450
IA110 Computer Bureau & Facilities Management 135
IA115 Computer Consultants 5,298
RA244 Computer Consumables & Stationery 704
RA245 Computer Games 583
TB156 Computer Maintenance & Repairs 3,976
KA202 Computer Mnfrs 316
IA120 Computer Networking & Cabling 1,485
IA125 Computer Rental 27
IA130 Computer Security 285
IA135 Computer Support and Services 4,607
IA140 Computer Systems & Software (Development) 5,963
IA145 Computer Systems & Software (Sales) 1,414
EA121 Computer Training 474
SA163 Concert Halls 543
SA164 Concert Organisers 153
CA123 Concierge Services 120
KA151 Concrete & Mortar Ready Mixed 747
TA152 Concrete Contractors 139
KB124 Concrete Mnfrs & Distributors 100
KB127 Concrete Products 447
TC159 Concrete Pumping Services 69
KA154 Concrete Reinforcements 45
TB160 Concrete Repairing Services 66
TC160 Condensation Control 30
RA248 Confectioners – Retail 1,849
KA247 Confectionery Mnfrs 327
AA148 Conference Rooms & Centres 703
AA152 Conference Services 341
CC112 Conservation Organisations 430
TA160 Conservatories 824
TA162 Conservatory Repairs 1
TA164 Construction Contractors – General 5,842
TA168 Construction Management 342
GA144 Consular Services 54
JA116 Consulates & Embassies 206
PB152 Consultants – Industrial 44
CC113 Consumer Advice 4
CC115 Consumer Organisations 30
UA288 Container Hire & Transport 116
KA727 Container Mnfrs 118
TC164 Contract Furnishers 170
KB269 Control Panels 334
KB742 Control System Equipment 198
RA252 Convenience Stores 13,215
LA156 Conveyancing Services 297
KA382 Conveyors & Conveyor Belts 279
RB104 Cookers – Sales & Service 237
EA123 Cookery Schools 5
KB232 Copying & Duplicating Machines & Supplies 115
CA145 Copying & Duplicating Services 269
LA160 Copyright Agents 51
KA286 Cork Products 9
AA160 Corporate Entertainment 3,191
EA124 Correspondence Schools 9
KB196 Corrosion Prevention & Control 41
NA159 Cosmetic Dentistry 65
KA190 Cosmetic Mnfrs 313
NA160 Cosmetic Surgery 268
NA164 Counselling & Advice Services 5,837
SA168 Country Clubs 42
UA292 Courier & Messenger Services 3,085
GA148 Courts 587
RA256 Craft Centres & Shops 511
WB112 Crane Hire, Sales & Service 324
KA385 Crane Mnfrs 64
BA156 Credit & Finance Companies 371
BA152 Credit Cards & Discount Cards 95
BA160 Credit Institutions – Business & Personal 29
BA164 Credit Reference Agencies 74
BA168 Credit Unions 340
SA172 Cricket Clubs 582
GA150 Crime Prevention 28
SA176 Cruiselines 84
TA172 Crushing Plants 12
KB463 Curtain & Blind Fittings 581
TC165 Curtain Walling 42
RA260 Curtains – Retailers & Makers 1,326
JA120 Custom Clearance Agents 43
GA152 Customs & Excise 18
KA388 Cutlery Mnfrs 36
CA148 Cutting Services 96
KA391 Cutting Tools & Machinery 137
CB118 CV Services 96
KB901 Cycle Accessories, Mnfrs and Wholesalers 365
RA264 Cycle Shops 2,066
UA296 Cycles – Renting & Leasing 116
SA178 Cycling 10
RA268 Dairies 421
WA176 Dairy Equipment Suppliers 85
FA140 Dairy Farmers 6,260
WA180 Dairy Produce Merchants 277
TC168 Damp & Dry Rot Control 1,130
KA582 Damp Course Mnfrs 5
RA272 Dance & Balletwear 331
EA127 Dancing Schools 2,497
IA164 Data & Cloud Storage Solutions 126
IA154 Data Destruction – Confidential 69
IA160 Data Recovery 4
IA166 Database Services 373
CB121 Dating & Friendship Agencies 114
NA168 Day Centres 1,963
BA170 Debt Advice Centre 448
BA172 Debt Collection Agencies 760
BA173 Debt Consolidation 1
RA274 Decking 195
WA184 Decorators’ Merchants 859
KB466 Dehumidifiers & Humidifiers 21
RA276 Delicatessens 1,658
UA300 Delivery Services 593
TA176 Demolition & Dismantling Contractors 507
KB745 Dental Equipment & Supplies 238
NA172 Dental Technicians 1,314
NA173 Dental Technicians – Clinical 4
NA184 Dentists – Practices All 12,202
GA153 Department of Transport 32
RA280 Department Stores 2,079
NA170 Dermatologists 103
PB156 Design Consultants 2,670
PB160 Design Engineers 508
CA149 Designers – Furniture 572
CA152 Designers – Garments 373
AA164 Designers – Graphic 5,474
CA153 Designers – Jewellery 327
CA151 Desk Top Publishing Equipment & Services 35
CB124 Detective Agencies 326
CB125 Detective Agencies And Private Investigators 1,559
PA148 Development Agencies 136
KB940 Diamond Cutters, Polishers & Merchants 43
KA394 Diamond Tool Mnfrs 44
CA154 Diamonds Industrial – Services 42
KA397 Die-Casting Equipment & Services 177
CA157 Diesel Engine Equipment & Services 81
CA160 Diesel Fuel Injection Services 106
NA188 Dieticians & Nutritionists 342
CA155 Digital Printing 28
AA167 Digital Services 944
TC170 Digital Signage 7
AA168 Direct Mail 231
KA541 Directories 115
CA161 Directory Enquiries 273
KA544 Directory Publishers 34
RB106 Dirt Bikes 1
NA192 Disability & Special Needs – Services 1,381
KB907 Disability Equipment – Mnfrs & Suppliers 476
SA185 Disabled Horse Riding 24
KB271 Disco Equipment 125
SA180 Discos 9
SA184 Discos – Mobile 2,227
RA284 Discount Centres 3,216
RB108 Dishwashing Machines – Sales & Service 42
AA172 Display & Window Dressing Services 111
KB370 Display Fixtures & Materials 307
KB673 Disposable Products 99
KA250 Distilleries 287
WB0 Distribution & Service Companies – Total List 3,189
UA304 Distribution Services 1,961
TC172 Divers 50
KB748 Divers Equipment & Supplies 120
EA130 Diving Schools 152
RA288 Do It Yourself Shops 1,363
WA188 Do It Yourself Wholesalers 29
NA212 Doctors – Practices All 10,790
KB235 Document Image Processing Systems 230
CA162 Document Management 46
FA144 Dog Breeders 106
FA148 Dog Clipping & Grooming 3,833
KB941 Dog Kennels – Manufacturers & Suppliers 19
EA133 Dog Training 853
FA150 Dog Walkers 209
RA292 Dolls & Dolls’ Houses 82
CB127 Dolls’ Hospitals 10
RA296 Domestic Appliances – Sales 1,192
TB164 Domestic Appliances – Servicing, Repairs & Parts 1,325
PA146 Domestic Energy Assessors 164
CB130 Domestic Staff 152
KB274 Door & Gate Operating Equipment 51
KB469 Door & Window Furniture 463
KA289 Door Manufacturers – Domestic 285
KA292 Door Manufacturers – Industrial 362
RA298 Door Stockists 2
TB168 Doors – Repairing 107
TC175 Doors & Shutters – Sales & Installation 416
TB172 Double Glazing and Window Repairs 1,079
TC176 Double Glazing Installers 4,554
WA190 Double Glazing Suppliers 540
TC180 Drain & Sewer Clearance 1,041
KB470 Drain & Sewer Clearance – Equipment 22
TA180 Drainage Contractors 685
EA136 Drama Schools 902
TC184 Draughtproofing Installers 17
CA163 Draughtsmen & Drawing Services 180
KB751 Drawing Office Equipment & Materials 16
CB133 Dress Agencies 234
KB796 Dressmakers 535
RA300 Dresswear Hire 107
KB472 Drilling & Boring Equipment & Supplies 98
TC188 Drilling Contractors 280
HA135 Drinks – Delivered 133
GA154 Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency 23
UA308 Driver Hire Agencies 344
EA138 Driving Instructor Training 14
EA139 Driving Schools 9,887
GA155 Driving Test Centres 32
NA214 Drug Misuse – Advice & Counselling 429
RA304 Drug Stores 34
KB373 Drums, Kegs, Barrels & Casks 58
RA308 Dry Cleaners 4,368
TA182 Dry Lining Contractors 3
TA184 Drystone Walling 133
KB475 Ducting & Duct Fittings 205
KA400 Dust Extraction Plant & Equipment Mnfrs 40
KB478 Dust Extraction Systems 85
MKC105 Dust Generating Companies 29,442
KA661 Dyers 46
NA216 Dyslexia Information & Support 122
RA310 Eco Friendly Products 44
PB162 Ecological Consultants 43
UA319 ECU Remapping 5
AA176 Editorial & Proof Reading Services 204
E0 Education & Training Establishments – Total List 112,978
EA142 Education Agencies & Authorities 228
CA164 Educational Equipment & Supplies 202
EA145 Educational Services 3,358
EA146 Educational Training Providers 664
WA192 Egg Merchants 254
KB799 Elastic Goods 9
EA147 E-Learning 8
KA214 Electric Motor Mnfrs 53
WB116 Electric Motor Sales & Service 169
KB910 Electric Vehicles 152
KA16 Electrical & Electronic Products Mnfrs – Total List 1,625
KB16 Electrical & Electronic Products Mnfrs & Suppliers – Total List 9,554
TB175 Electrical Appliance Repairs 95
WA194 Electrical Distribution Companies 127
PB164 Electrical Engineers 1,446
KB277 Electrical Goods – Mnfrs, Wholesalers & Sales 759
TB176 Electrical Goods – Servicing & Repairs 31
KB280 Electrical Heating Equipment & Systems 32
RA313 Electrical Products (Sales) 508
TC196 Electrical Testing & Inspecting 572
WA196 Electrical Wholesalers 2,853
TC200 Electricians & Electrical Contractors 18,432
KA109 Electricity Companies 155
KB283 Electricity Generating & Distributing Equipment 416
NA220 Electrolysis 121
KB286 Electronic Component Mnfrs & Distributors 697
PB168 Electronic Engineers 588
KA604 Electronic Equipment – Mnfrs & Assemblers 279
KB289 Electronic Equipment Components & Instruments – Design And Sales 478
AA166 Email Marketing 2
KA664 Embroiderers 891
KB480 Embroidery Machines 2
CB139 Employment & Recruitment Agencies 12,462
LA162 Employment Law – Solicitors 4
CB142 Employment Service 53
KA403 Enamelling 29
PB172 Energy Conservation Consultants 960
PB174 Energy Efficient Products & Services 12
KB292 Energy Management Control Systems 527
PB175 Energy Performance Certificates 64
KA730 Engine Component Mnfrs 32
KB913 Engine Mnfrs & Distributors 67
TB180 Engine Rebuilding & Reconditioning 407
CA166 Engineering Machine Services 116
KB479 Engineering Materials 303
CA169 Engineering Services 485
PB176 Engineers – Consulting 2,220
PB180 Engineers – General 2,683
WA200 Engineers’ Merchants 287
WB120 Engines – Sales & Service 52
TC204 Engraving 478
SA188 Entertainers 2,123
SA192 Entertainment Agencies 790
SA196 Entertainment Centres 424
KB676 Envelopes 61
PB184 Environmental Consultants 1,591
PB188 Environmental Engineers 68
RA316 Equestrian Supplies 396
SA200 Equipment Hire – Outdoor Pursuits 56
BA174 Equity Release 79
PB192 Ergonomics 40
CB145 Escort Agencies 829
WA204 Essential Oil Merchants 41
PA152 Estate Agents 19,209
PA150 Estimators 32
EA149 Evening Classes 1
GA156 Examination Boards 38
TA188 Excavation & Groundwork Contractors 2,022
UA312 Exhaust & Shock Absorber Centres 141
KB916 Exhaust System Mnfrs & Wholesalers 80
AA188 Exhibition & Trade Centres 23
AA184 Exhibition Services 705
AA180 Exhibition, Event & Trade Fair Organisers 768
PB196 Explosives – Engineers 17
JA124 Export & Import Agents 1,493
JA144 Fabric Importers & Exporters 34
RA320 Fabric Shops 870
PA153 Facilities Management 753
CA172 Facsimile & Telex Bureaux 6
BA176 Factoring Services 18
RA321 Factory Outlets 31
RA322 Fair Trade 10
SA202 Falconry 44
NA228 Family Planning Centres 126
SA204 Fan Clubs 5
RA324 Fancy Dress Shops 467
KB481 Fans & Blowers 62
RA328 Farm Shops & Pick Your Own Produce 968
FA152 Farming – Crops 5,373
FA156 Farming – Livestock & Other Animals 5,767
FA160 Farming – Mixed 21,359
F0 Farming & Animal Establishments – Total List 78,014
FA164 Farriers 233
TA190 Fascias & Soffits 16
RA332 Fashion Accessories 1,043
RA336 Fashion Agents 92
RA340 Fashion Shops 9,336
HA136 Fast Food Delivery Services 1,732
KB800 Fasteners & Fixing Devices 636
KB294 Felt & Felt Products 7
KA667 Felt Mnfrs 9
TC207 Fence, Gate & Barrier Suppliers 266
TC208 Fencing Contractors 2,401
KA295 Fencing Mnfrs 178
CB148 Feng Shui 28
UA316 Ferries 89
KB199 Fertilisers 93
NA229 Fertility Clinics 3
KB130 Fibre Optics 112
AA192 Film & Photograph Libraries 102
WA208 Film Distributors 72
CA174 Film Dvd Transfer Service 3
AA196 Film Studios & Production Services 1,626
KB679 Filter Mnfrs & Suppliers 143
CA175 Filtration Systems & Services 71
BA178 Finance Brokers 506
BA184 Financial Advisers – Independent 5,012
BA180 Financial Advisers – Tied Agents/Company Representatives 193
BA188 Financial Products – Direct 40
BA192 Financial Services 4,236
CA178 Fire & Water Damage – Services & Restoration 261
KB295 Fire Alarm Systems 492
KB375 Fire Doors – Sales & Installation 52
KB487 Fire Escapes & Evacuation Equipment 14
TC210 Fire Extinguishing Equipment 10
PB200 Fire Protection Consultants & Engineers 1,110
KB942 Fire Resistant Materials 102
PB202 Fire Safety Risk Assessments 6
GA160 Fire Stations 593
KB490 Firefighting Equipment 466
RA344 Fireplaces & Mantelpieces 1,122
KB202 Firework Mnfrs & Distributors & Technicians 94
WA212 Firework Stockists 158
WA216 First Aid & Medical Supplies 91
EA148 First Aid Training 749
HA140 Fish & Chip Shops 9,081
FA168 Fish Farms & Hatcheries 193
WA220 Fish Merchants – Wholesale 493
KA254 Fish Processing 47
KA253 Fish Smokers & Curers 109
PB204 Fisheries’ Consultants 27
FA172 Fishermen 116
RA352 Fishing & Angling Equipment 940
KB943 Fishing & Angling Equipment – Mnfrs & Distributors 84
RA356 Fishmongers & Fishmonger Services & Suppliers 598
NA231 Fitness Classes 1,475
PB208 Fitness Consultants 691
KB296 Fitness Equipment 304
KB802 Flags, Banners, Poles & Masts 120
CA179 Flood Control 45
KB493 Floor Cleaning & Polishing Equipment – Mnfrs & Distributors 41
TC212 Floor Laying, Refinishing & Resurfacing 243
KB496 Floor Maintenance Equipment 10
KB709 Floorcoverings – Mnfrs & Wholesalers 147
RA360 Floorcoverings – Retail 849
TA192 Flooring Materials – Building 240
TC216 Flooring Services 2,478
RA364 Floral & Plant Displays 242
RA368 Florists 5,681
WA224 Florists – Wholesale & Supplies 213
KA607 Flow Measurement Systems – Mnfrs 39
RA372 Flowers & Shrubs – Artificial 205
RA374 Fly Screens 17
EA151 Flying Schools 309
MKC106 FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods Mfrs 14,800
KB712 Foam Products – Rubber & Plastics 90
UA318 Food Box Delivery 57
KB346 Food Colouring, Flavouring & Additive Mnfrs & Distributors 92
PB212 Food Consultants & Technologists 165
JA148 Food Import & Export Agents 494
KA19 Food Manufacturers – Total List 3,649
KB19 Food Manufacturers & Suppliers – Total List 1,768
TC218 Food Packers 112
KB499 Food Processing Equipment & Supplies 167
KA256 Food Products – Mnfrs 1,560
NA230 Foot Care Professionals 753
SA206 Football Clubs 746
SA208 Football Grounds 5
KB804 Footwear – Manufacturers & Suppliers 100
KA670 Footwear Mnfrs 180
KB805 Footwear Production Equipment & Components 21
UA320 Fork Lift Trucks 550
EA152 Fork Lift Trucks – Training 202
KA112 Foundries 57
KB502 Foundry Equipment & Supplies 34
HA196 Four & Five Star Hotels 466
CA181 Franchise Services 72
RA376 Freezer Centres 1,336
UA324 Freight Forwarders 1,960
TC220 French Polishing 6,523
KB349 Frozen Food Processors & Distributors 274
WA232 Frozen Foods – Wholesale 335
FA176 Fruit & Vegetable Growers 590
WA236 Fruit & Vegetables – Wholesale 975
KB352 Fruit Juice – Producers & Merchants 69
BA194 Fuel Card Providers 3
WA240 Fuel Dealers 239
CA184 Fuel Injection Services 48
CA187 Fumigation Services 13
HA144 Function & Banqueting Rooms 774
CA190 Fund Raising Services 785
CB149 Funeral Directors 4,911
CB150 Funeral Services 764
CA191 Funfair Equipment 20
KB505 Furnaces 71
RA388 Furnishers 88
RA390 Furniture – Bedroom 18
RA391 Furniture – Bespoke 80
KB376 Furniture – Built-In & Fitted 350
WA244 Furniture – Hire & Leasing 72
TB188 Furniture – Repairing & Restoring 519
KB379 Furniture – Reproduction 58
RA392 Furniture – Retail 3,973
RA396 Furniture – Used 440
RA398 Furniture – Vintage 6
WA248 Furniture – Wholesale 246
KA22 Furniture & Timber Product Mnfrs  – Total List 7,558
KB22 Furniture & Timber Product Mnfrs & Suppliers – Total List 5,744
KB382 Furniture Fittings 87
KA298 Furniture Mnfrs – Home & Office 276
RA400 Furriers 15
SA210 Galleries 4
SA215 Gambling And Betting 9,897
FA180 Game & Poultry Breeders 37
RA404 Game Dealers 13
RA408 Games Shops 676
SA217 Gaming 110
TC222 Garage Conversions 3
KB508 Garage Doors – Suppliers & Installers 837
KB511 Garage Equipment 292
UA331 Garage Mechanics 17,423
UA327 Garage Rentals 1
UA334 Garage Repairs & Refurbishment 2
UA332 Garage Services 9,635
TA194 Garages – Concrete & Sectional 1
CA192 Garden & Patio Furniture 218
KB385 Garden & Patio Furniture Mnfrs & Distributors 78
WA256 Garden & Patio Furniture Wholesalers 52
RA411 Garden Buildings 16
RA412 Garden Centres & Nurseries 2,338
CB151 Garden Design 4,684
KA748 Garden Ornament Mnfrs 73
WA252 Garden Ornament Wholesalers & Distributors 33
RA414 Garden Play Equipment 2
KB388 Garden Sheds 724
KB514 Garden Tools 96
CA193 Gardening Services 5,541
KB205 Gas – Industrial & Medical Suppliers 76
TC227 Gas & Electrical Testing & Inspection 372
RB112 Gas Appliances – Sales & Service 66
KA115 Gas Companies 64
WA258 Gas Equipment Wholesalers 17
TC228 Gas Installers 1,149
TC232 Gas Service Engineers 1,793
CA194 Gas Suppliers 482
CA195 Gas Suppliers – Bottles 13
KB944 Gaskets 67
KA412 Gate Mnfrs 354
KA671 Gate Mnfrs – Automated 254
TC234 Gates – Automated 6
KB754 Gauge Mnfrs & Distributors 32
KA415 Gear Cutters 34
KB517 Gearboxes 348
CB154 Genealogists & Family Historians 172
RA416 General Stores 14,214
WB124 Generators – Sales & Service 225
PB220 Geological & Geophysical Consultants 95
AA200 Gift Services & Gift Packs 152
RA420 Gift Shops 4,249
WA260 Giftware – Wholesale 285
KA751 Giftware Mnfrs 132
CA196 Glass Boarding & Replacement Services 153
KA157 Glass Engravers & Decorators 67
KA163 Glass Fibre Mnfrs 225
KA160 Glass Fibre Moulding, Materials & Manufacture 87
WA264 Glass Merchants 421
KA166 Glass Products – Mnfrs 312
KA169 Glassworkers 121
TC236 Glaziers 1,079
KB808 Glove Mnfrs & Wholesalers 23
BA195 Gold Buyers 2
KB520 Goldsmiths & Silversmiths 188
SA220 Golf Courses & Clubs 2,257
SA224 Golf Driving Ranges 105
RA424 Golf Equipment & Supplies 719
EA153 Golf Lessons 3
GA162 Government Agencies 43
G0 Govt & Public Sector Establishments – Total List 29,002
UA335 Grab Hire 7
TC240 Graffiti Removers 38
WA268 Grain Merchants 76
RA428 Granite Worktops 13
CB157 Graphologists 12
TB192 Grave & Cemetery Maintenance 60
RA432 Greengrocers & Fruit Sellers 1,095
TA196 Greenhouses 70
KB700 Greeting Card Publishers & Wholesalers 324
KA418 Grinding Equipment & Services 65
RA436 Grocers 1,912
TC238 Ground And Estate Maintenance 16
TA200 Guards & Grilles – Door & Window 1
HA148 Guest Houses 11,083
KB208 Gum & Resin Mnfrs & Distributors 36
RA442 Gun Shops 3
RA440 Gunsmiths 497
CA199 Guttering Services 584
RA444 Haberdashery 332
PB224 Hair Consultants 356
RA448 Hairdressers – Unisex 32,972
RA452 Hairdressers & Hair Stylists – Ladies’ 3,370
RA456 Hairdressers & Hair Stylists – Men’s 1,004
WA272 Hairdressers’ Equipment & Supplies 717
EA154 Hairdressing Schools 176
RA460 Hairpieces & Wigs 335
HA152 Halls For Hire 900
RA464 Handbag Retailers 383
TC241 Handyman Services 226
RA466 Hardware 1,451
RA472 Hat Shops 210
KA673 Hats & Caps – Mnfrs 66
WA276 Hay & Straw Merchants 159
TC242 Hazardous Waste Removal and Collection 4
PB189 Health & Safety Consultants 1,370
KB917 Health & Safety Products 198
EA155 Health & Safety Training 13
NA232 Health Authorities 423
NA233 Health Centres 402
NA236 Health Clubs, Gymnasiums & Beauty Centres 4,063
RA476 Health Foods & Products 2,117
NA234 Healthcare Companies 675
NA240 Hearing Aids 1,137
KB523 Heat Exchangers 74
KA421 Heat Treatment – Metals 79
WA280 Heating Appliance Spare Parts 103
TC244 Heating Contractors & Consultants 1,469
WB128 Heating Equipment – Sales & Service 289
TC243 Heating Services – Industrial & Commercial 4
MKC121 Heavy Engineering Companies 11,883
TC245 Hedge & Grass Cutting Services 11
NA244 Helplines 129
NA241 Helplines – Addictions 1
NA242 Helplines – Family 3
NA250 Helplines – Health 3
NA245 Helplines – Legal 2
NA246 Helplines – Mental Health 1
NA247 Helplines – Other 6
NA249 Helplines – Sexuality & Sexual Health 3
CB160 Heraldry 10
FA184 Herb Growers 32
NA248 Herbalists 262
RA480 Herbs & Spices 142
TB196 Hi-Fi & Audio Systems – Servicing & Repairs 34
RA484 Hi-Fi Centres 233
KB298 Hi-Fi Equipment Mnfrs & Distributors 35
TC246 Hire & Leasing – Plant and Machinery 2,722
TC247 Hire & Leasing – Tools and Equipment 182
TC248 Hire Centres 1,881
SA226 Historic Buildings 252
MKC124 Hi-Tech Companies 158,411
HA156 Holiday Camps & Centres 269
HA160 Holidays – Self Catering Accommodation 4,708
SA187 Holidays for the Disabled 45
TC252 Hologram Producers 6
PB226 Home Automation 19
NA252 Home Care Services 5,072
RB114 Home Cinema Installation 1
CA202 Home Help Services – Private 19
RA488 Home Improvement Centres 1,597
PA154 Home Inspection 10
RA489 Home Offices 7
RA490 Home Staging 18
CA204 Home Support Services 3
KA301 Homefurnishings – Mnfrs 582
NA256 Homoeopathic Practitioners 549
UA336 Horse Boxes & Transporting 213
UA340 Horse Drawn Vehicles – Hire 91
FA192 Horse Trainers 297
PB232 Horticultural Consultants 38
WA288 Horticultural Equipment & Supplies 99
TB200 Horticultural Equipment Maintenance & Repair 152
KB529 Horticultural Equipment Mnfrs & Distributors 28
KB715 Hose, Tubing & Fittings 86
NA260 Hospices 280
NA264 Hospital Equipment & Supplies 285
NA268 Hospital Trusts 183
NA272 Hospitals 2,008
NA276 Hospitals – 50+ Employees 1,013
HA164 Hostels 968
KA547 Hot Foil Stamping 49
HA172 Hotel & Restaurant Equipment 141
HA168 Hotel Booking Agencies 158
HA192 Hotels – excluding Hotels of Major Groups 7,695
HA176 Hotels – Total List 12,322
H0 Hotels & Catering Establishments – Total List 239,934
TA204 House Builders 279
CB163 House Clearance 1,635
RA492 Household Stores 1,995
PA156 Housing Associations, Societies, Trusts & Co-Operatives 3,364
PB234 Human Resources Consultants 229
PB236 Hydraulic Engineers 311
WB132 Hydraulic Equipment & Accessories – Sales & Service 457
KA424 Hydraulic Systems & Equipment Mnfrs 177
FA196 Hydroponics 353
FA198 Hydrotherapy – Animals 6
CA205 Hygiene & Cleansing Services 315
KA610 Hygiene & Sanitary Appliance Mnfrs 46
RA496 Hypermarkets & Superstores 1,266
NA284 Hypnotherapists 1,677
KB532 Ice Cream – Equipment & Supplies 35
KB355 Ice Cream Manufacturers & Suppliers 445
HA200 Ice Cream Parlours & Mobile Shops 566
KB918 Ice Machines 16
WA292 Ice Merchants 37
KB703 Identification Cards 39
PB240 Image Consultants 188
CC116 Immigration Advice & Services 486
J0 Importers, Exporters & Agents – Total UK List 4,408
HA322 Indian Takeaways 1,639
TA207 Industrial Building Services 186
KA193 Industrial Chemicals 768
K0 Industrial Companies – Total List 199,136
PB244 Industrial Engineers 211
KA613 Industrial Instrument & Apparatus Mnfrs 95
CA208 Industrial Services 125
CA211 Information Services 1,811
I0 Information Technology 132,526
GA164 Inland Revenue 131
LA164 Insolvency Practitioners 482
CC118 Institutes – Professional 162
PB248 Instrumentation Engineers 109
KA36 Instrumentation Product Mnfrs – Total List 2,565
KB36 Instrumentation Product Mnfrs & Suppliers – Total List 2,348
TC256 Insulation Installers 570
KB718 Insulation Materials 258
BA205 Insurance – Car & Motor 1,400
BA206 Insurance – Commercial & Van 355
BA196 Insurance – Health 162
BA209 Insurance – Home 95
BA210 Insurance – Other 2,016
BA282 Insurance – Pet 19
BA288 Insurance – Travel 84
BA212 Insurance Brokers 595
BA208 Insurance, Friendly & Provident Societies 40
CA212 Interactive Broadcasting 22
CA213 Intercom Systems 53
WA294 Interior Design Supplies 25
CB165 Interior Designers & Furnishers 2,853
HA204 Internet Cafes 203
IA185 Internet Publishing 189
IA190 Internet Safety 42
IA193 Internet Service Providers 244
IA195 Internet Services 1,478
CB166 Introduction Agencies 119
BA216 Investment Companies 517
PB252 Investment Consultants 1,264
KA118 Iron, Steel & Non-Ferrous Metals 726
CA220 Ironing & Home Laundry Services 1,139
CA221 Irrigation Systems 123
TB204 Janitorial Equipment – Servicing & Repairs 31
RA500 Jewellers 5,912
KB946 Jewellers’ Equipment & Supplies 45
KB949 Jewellery – Costume 183
WA296 Jewellery – Wholesale 229
TB208 Jewellery Manufacturers & Repairers 665
KA304 Joinery Centres 285
KA307 Joinery Manufacturers 1,603
KA583 Joint & Seal Mnfrs 101
AA208 Journalists 179
RA504 Jugglers Suppliers & Equipment 6
HA206 Juice Bars 241
KB301 Juke Boxes 42
KB304 Karaoke 126
SA228 Karting 252
RA508 Key Cutting 1,389
RA510 Kilt Hire 2
CB169 Kissograms 33
KA426 Kitchen Furniture Mnfrs 760
RA511 Kitchen Installation & Supply 68
RA512 Kitchen Planners & Furnishers 5,698
RA513 Kitchen Ware 390
RA514 Kites 22
KB209 Knitting Machine – Mnfrs & Distributors 14
KB533 Knitting Machines & Supplies 1
KB814 Knitting Yarn Mnfrs & Wholesalers 106
KB820 Knitwear & Textiles 5
KB817 Knitwear Mnfrs & Wholesalers 139
RA516 Kosher Food Products 15
KB535 Labelling Equipment 207
KB706 Labels & Tags 420
CA222 Laboratories 919
KB757 Laboratory Equipment, Instruments & Supplies 313
KA676 Lace Mnfrs 8
KA310 Ladder Mnfrs 12
RA520 Ladder Sales 19
RA524 Ladieswear – Retail 6,421
WA304 Ladieswear – Wholesalers 179
CA223 Lamination & Encapsulation Services 49
KB952 Lampshade Mnfrs & Distributors 49
PA158 Land Agents 172
PB254 Landscape Architects & Designers 540
TC264 Landscape Contractors 2,001
EA157 Language Schools 1,536
KA427 Laser Cutting Services 159
WB136 Laser Equipment – Sales Service & Repair 76
NA286 Laser Eye Treatment 48
SA230 Laser Games Arenas 65
NA285 Laser Therapy 21
RA528 Laundries & Launderettes 862
WA306 Laundry & Dry Cleaning Supplies 76
WB140 Laundry Equipment – Sales & Service 23
KB538 Laundry Equipment Mnfrs & Suppliers 12
TC268 Lawn Care Services 32
RB116 Lawnmowers & Garden Machinery – Sales & Service 1,082
KB136 Leaded Lights & Windows 30
MKC216 Leading Advertising Agencies (20+ Employees) 359
TC270 Leak Detection Services 1
BA224 Leasing Services 519
KB823 Leather Garments – Mnfrs & Suppliers 210
TB210 Leather Goods – Cleaning 14
WA308 Leather Merchants & Wholesalers 53
RB118 Leather Repair And Restoration 2
RA532 Leathergoods Shops 361
L0 Legal & Accounting Firms – Total List 45,761
LA168 Legal Services 3,204
SA232 Leisure & Recreation Centres 2,198
RA536 Leisure & Sportswear Mnfrs & Suppliers 261
PA160 Letting Agents 6,145
EA158 LGV Training 20
GA168 Libraries 2,734
BA228 Life Assurance 157
CB170 Life Coaching 1,058
GA170 Lifeboat Stations 177
KA430 Lift Mnfrs 57
KB541 Lifting Equipment 434
TB212 Lifts – Servicing & Repairs 432
MKC136 Light Engineering Companies 18,913
PB256 Lighting Consultants 292
TC272 Lighting Contractors 137
KA217 Lighting Mnfrs 686
RA540 Lighting Retailers 450
WA312 Lighting Wholesalers 276
TC276 Lightning Conductors 57
KB139 Lime Mnfrs & Distributors 14
MKC146 Limited Companies (LTD) 1,459,173
UA342 Limousine Hire 379
CA226 Linen Hire Services 106
KB829 Linen Mnfrs & Wholesalers 14
RA544 Linen Shops 106
RA548 Lingerie & Hosiery – Retail 888
KB832 Lingerie & Hosiery Mnfrs & Wholesalers 129
AA212 List Brokers 88
CB172 Literary Agents 63
KA550 Lithographic Plate Makers 14
CC119 Livery Companies 148
FA200 Livestock Breeders & Dealers 2,985
FA204 Livestock Markets 100
UA344 Livestock Transportation 95
BA232 Loans 630
BA234 Loans & Debt – Management 94
GA200 Local Government 3,200
KB544 Lock Suppliers 9
KB834 Lock Suppliers & Manufacturers 42
TC280 Locksmiths 4,518
TA209 Loft Conversions 547
TC282 Loft Insulation & Contractors 205
KB955 Loft Ladders 42
RA550 Logs, Firewood & Peat Fuel 402
KB833 Loose Covers 61
UA346 LPG Conversions 36
RA551 Lpg Suppliers 1
KB210 Lubricant Mnfrs & Distributors 138
KB763 Lubricating Equipment 16
CA229 Lubrication Services 53
RA552 Luggage – Retail & Wholesale 97
KA434 Machine Shops 686
CA232 Machine Tool Accessories & Services 144
KB547 Machine Tools – Mnfrs & Distributors 107
WA316 Machine Tools – Sales 269
KA435 Machinery – Industrial & Commercial 579
RA556 Magicians Supplies & Equipment 30
KB550 Magnets 36
RA560 Mail Order & Catalogue Shopping 603
CA233 Mailboxes & Address Agents 1
AA216 Mailing Houses 286
KB238 Mailing Machines & Equipment 32
TB0 Maintenance, Service & Repair – Total List 27,925
CB175 Make-Up Artists 657
KA258 Malt Manufacturers 15
KB553 Manhole Cover Mnfrs & Distributors 20
KA754 Manufacturers 318
KA0 Manufacturers – Total List 67,698
KB0 Manufacturers & Suppliers – Total List 62,696
JA156 Manufacturers’ Agents 307
RA564 Maps, Charts & Globes 95
WA319 Marble Specialists 376
SA236 Marinas & Boat Moorings 461
KA616 Marine Electrical & Electronic Equipment Mnfrs 51
UA348 Marine Electrical Services 111
KA619 Marine Engineering Equipment Mnfrs 350
PB260 Marine Engineers 127
WA318 Marine Equipment & Supplies 236
UA352 Marine Services 633
PB261 Marine Surveyors 129
FA208 Market Gardeners 127
RA568 Market Operators 253
AA220 Market Research 1,769
TC284 Market Stall Builders 12
PB264 Marketing Consultants and Services 6,131
KB958 Marking & Identification Equipment 18
KA679 Marquee Mnfrs 33
WA320 Marquees, Tents & Portable Floor Hire 703
EA160 Martial Arts Instruction 1,772
NA289 Massage 310
KB556 Materials Handling Equipment 158
NA287 Maternity Services 17
RA572 Maternity Wear 26
KB835 Mats & Matting 43
KA622 Measuring, Analysing & Controlling Instruments 169
WA324 Meat – Wholesale 703
KB358 Meat Product Mnfrs & Wholesalers 167
KA436 Mechanical Engineers 1,053
PB272 Mechanical Handling Engineers 49
KB559 Mechanical Handling Equipment 32
MKC138 Media Industry 12,909
LA172 Mediation 327
NA288 Medical & Dental Laboratories 123
N0 Medical & Health – Total List 188,405
TB216 Medical Equipment Maintenance & Repairs 129
KA625 Medical Equipment Mnfrs 297
NA292 Medical Equipment Rental & Leasing 763
KA628 Medical Instruments – Mnfrs 64
NA300 Medical Waste Disposal 36
RA578 Menswear – Large 1
RA576 Menswear – Retail 2,509
RA580 Menswear Hire 164
NA304 Mental Health Centres 309
BA236 Merchant Banks 50
CA235 Message & Greeting Services 5
KA25 Metal & Mechanical Product Mnfrs – Total List 15,626
KB25 Metal & Mechanical Product Mnfrs & Suppliers – Total List 14,935
KB961 Metal Detectors 36
KB562 Metal Finishing Equipment 43
KA439 Metal Finishing Services 565
KA121 Metal Industries – Primary 7
WA328 Metal Merchants 68
KA442 Metal Products – Fabricated 771
KA445 Metal Spinners 76
KA448 Metal Workers 58
KA124 Metals – Mining 131
KB766 Meter Mnfrs & Suppliers 64
TA212 Mezzanine Flooring 70
CA238 Microfilming Services 10
KB565 Microwave Ovens 28
NA308 Midwives 43
WA332 Military Equipment Dealers 70
KB838 Millinery Mnfrs & Wholesalers 44
KA259 Mills & Millers 61
WA336 Mineral Merchants 40
UA356 Mini Buses – Hire & Leasing 1,040
UA360 Mini Cabs 3,093
KB142 Mirrors & Decorative Glass 91
CA0 Miscellaneous Business Services – Total List 43,457
C0 Miscellaneous Classifications – Total List 496,952
TC0 Miscellaneous Trade Contractors – Total List 154,803
IA200 Mobile App Development 312
TB217 Mobile Car Mechanics 68
HA122 Mobile Catering Vans 5
HA208 Mobile Homes 593
AA110 Mobile Marketing 3
RA586 Mobile Phone Accessories & Car Kits 18
TB218 Mobile Phone Repairs 1,245
RA587 Mobile Phones 4,234
KB919 Mobility Equipment 1,280
KA451 Model Makers 349
RA588 Model Shops 617
AA228 Modelling Agencies 152
BA240 Money Transfers 428
KB145 Monumental Masons 835
KA172 Mortar Mnfrs 88
BA248 Mortgage Brokers 2,562
BA250 Mortgages – Commercial 2
BA252 Mortgages – Direct 59
UA364 Mot Testing Centres 3,606
WA340 Motor Caravan Dealers 372
KA733 Motor Cycle & Component Mnfrs 45
UA367 Motor Cycle Breakdown & Recovery Services 25
UA366 Motor Cycle Breakers & Dismantlers 36
UA368 Motor Cycle Hire & Leasing 8
KB920 Motor Cycle Parts & Accessories 414
TB219 Motor Cycle Repairs 10
RB120 Motor Cycles & Scooters 1,113
EA163 Motor Cycling Instruction & Testing 375
WA344 Motor Factors 1,131
SA240 Motor Sports 482
CC121 Motoring Organisations 77
HA210 Motorway Services 153
KA454 Mould Mnfrs 64
KA553 Multimedia & Electronic Book Publishers 185
SA244 Museums 1,285
FA212 Mushroom Growers & Packers 44
AA232 Music Management & Promotion 188
KA556 Music Publishers 234
EA166 Music Schools 351
RA592 Music Shops 211
EA169 Music Teachers 2,405
KA757 Musical Instrument – Mnfrs 277
TB220 Musical Instrument Repairs & Servicing 302
RA596 Musical Instruments & Sheet Music 776
SA245 Musicians & Composers 1,041
CB180 Nail Technicians 2,848
CB181 Nanny Agencies 125
CC124 National Associations 1,054
PB276 Naval Architects 36
KB841 Netting 38
IA210 Network & Data Communications 497
RA600 New Age Shops 190
AA236 News & Photo Agencies 71
RA604 Newsagents 7,224
WA348 Newsagents – Wholesale 18
KA559 Newspaper & Magazine Publishers 2,078
SA248 Night Clubs 800
MKC139 Noisy Companies 41,808
KB568 Non-Ferrous Metals 120
GA212 Notaries Public 161
PB278 Nuclear Engineers 58
KB922 Number Plates 61
WA352 Nurseries – Wholesale 471
EA172 Nurseries & Creches 6,017
EA175 Nursery Schools 2,445
RA608 Nurserymen – Trees, Shrubs & Bonsai 754
NA312 Nursing Agencies 557
NA316 Nursing Homes 6,959
NA318 Nutrition & Health Care Advice 552
KB571 Nuts, Bolts & Fixings 245
NA319 Occupational Health 267
NA320 Occupational Therapists 373
MKC142 OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) 12,137
MKC143 Office Based Businesses 227,984
CA242 Office Clearance 501
KB241 Office Equipment Mnfrs & Distributors 19
TB224 Office Equipment Servicing & Maintenance 99
RA612 Office Furniture & Equipment 1,042
BA256 Office Furniture & Equipment – Hire & Leasing 31
PA164 Office Planning & Design Services 257
PA168 Office Premises – Retail 24
CA244 Office Refurbishment Services 442
PA172 Office Rental 525
CA247 Office Services 1,080
RA616 Office Stationery Supplies 506
KB102 Oil & Gas Exploration Supplies & Services 659
KA130 Oil & Gas Extraction 384
KA127 Oil Companies 278
TC290 Oil Fired Heating Equipment 155
WA356 Oil Fuel Distributors 473
CA250 Oil Recycling & Disposal Services 46
KB572 Oil Tanks 6
KA262 Oils – Edible 82
GA214 Ombudsmen 21
CB182 Online Dating 31
AA240 Online Marketing 96
RA618 Online Shopping 7,105
KA631 Optical Goods – Mnfrs 228
RA620 Optical Goods – Retail 153
WA360 Optical Goods – Wholesale 115
NA328 Opticians – Dispensing, excl Branches 1,222
NA324 Opticians – Dispensing, Total List 3,561
NA336 Opticians – Ophthalmic, excl Branches 1,826
NA332 Opticians – Ophthalmic, Total List 2,987
RA624 Organic Foods 233
EA180 Organised Childrens Play Schemes 190
RB124 Organs & Accessories – Sales & Service 19
KB574 Ornamental Metalwork 129
NA185 Orthodontists 6
KB767 Orthopaedic Care Equipment 93
NA338 Osteomyologists 1
NA340 Osteopaths 1,987
KA45 Other Mnfrs – Total List 1,059
KB45 Other Mnfrs & Suppliers – Total List 5,317
RA626 Outdoor Clothing & Equipment 1,258
SA252 Outdoor Pursuit Organisers & Equipment 1,010
CA249 Oven Cleaning 608
KA457 Oven Mnfrs 35
PA176 Overseas Property Agents 199
KB577 Packaging & Wrapping Equipment & Supplies 297
KB682 Packaging Materials Mnfrs & Suppliers 1,073
TC292 Packers 312
KB307 Paging Equipment & Systems 12
TC296 Paint & Varnish Stripping 103
KA196 Paint Mnfrs 173
KB580 Paint Spraying Equipment & Accessories 76
RA625 Paint Varnish & Lacquer 57
SA254 Paintball Games 299
TC300 Painters & Decorators 11,258
WA367 Painting & Decorating Supplies 307
TC304 Painting Contractors 572
UA372 Pallet Trucks 1
KB391 Pallets, Crates & Packing Cases 392
KA28 Paper & Board Product Mnfrs – Total List 211
KB28 Paper & Board Product Mnfrs & Suppliers – Total List 2,572
KB685 Paper & Board Supplies 111
KA523 Paper & Cardboard Products & Packaging – Mnfrs 104
KA526 Paper & Pulp Mills 21
WA368 Paper Merchants 129
KB688 Paper Products – Disposable 52
SA256 Parachuting 16
WA370 Paraffin Suppliers 1
SA260 Paragliding & Hang Gliding 45
SA262 Parks and Gardens 653
TA216 Partitions & Cubicles 220
RA628 Party Goods & Novelties 363
SA264 Party Organisers 546
SA268 Party Plan Agents 100
CB183 Passport Services 21
LA176 Patent Agents 116
LA180 Patent Services 33
NA342 Paternity Testing (dna) 5
TC306 Patio & Driveway Cleaning & Services 20
KB581 Patio Doors – Suppliers & Installers 37
KB691 Pattern & Sample Books 18
KA460 Pattern Makers – Industrial 103
KA529 Pattern Makers – Paper 3
TA220 Paving & Driveway Contractors 2,417
TA224 Paving Supplies 57
BA260 Pawnbrokers 983
BA264 Payroll Services 572
PB280 Pension Consultants 142
BA268 Pensions 163
WA372 Perfume Suppliers 366
CB184 Personal Phone Numbers 26
CB0 Personal Services – Total List 44,275
TC308 Pest Control Products and Services 2,057
FA216 Pet Burial & Cremation 76
FA220 Pet Foods & Animal Feeds 1,336
FA224 Pet Services 3,009
RA632 Pet Shops & Pet Supplies 3,031
RA636 Petrol Filling Stations 6,612
RA640 Petrol Filling Stations – 24 Hour 84
TB228 Petrol Pump Maintenance & Repairs 30
KB583 Petrol Pump Mnfrs & Suppliers 28
KA133 Petroleum Products – Mnfrs 34
KB214 Pharmaceutical Mnfrs & Distributors 494
RA648 Photo & Digital Imaging Bureaus 616
RA652 Photocopiers 306
AA248 Photographers – Advertising & Commercial 1,477
RA656 Photographers – General 5,167
RA660 Photographic – Retail & Supplies 345
KA634 Photographic Equipment & Supplies – Mnfrs 51
WA376 Photographic Equipment & Supplies – Wholesale 47
TB232 Photographic Equipment Repairs 45
CA252 Photographic Processors 380
CA251 Photographic Restoration 63
AA252 Photographic Studios 799
EA177 Photography Courses 2
NA344 Physiotherapists 2,671
TB236 Pianos – Tuning & Repairs 467
KB964 Pianos & Accessories 145
CA253 Picture & Photo Framing Services 1,809
TB237 Picture & Picture Frame Renovating & Restoring 67
KB360 Pie Manufacturers and Suppliers 69
NA345 Pilates 140
TA227 Pile Driving 38
KB394 Pine Furniture 128
TA228 Pipelines 67
KB586 Pipes & Fittings 320
TC312 Pipework Contractors 356
HA212 Pizza Delivery and Take Away 495
CC127 Places Of Worship 13,642
WA380 Plant & Machinery Dealers 504
TC314 Plant & Machinery Installation 127
KA463 Plant & Machinery Mnfrs 121
TB240 Plant & Machinery Repairs 382
RA663 Plasma & Lcd Screens 1
KB148 Plaster Mnfrs & Suppliers 36
KB151 Plaster Ware 120
TC316 Plasterers, Screeders & Dry Lining Contractors 7,559
KA586 Plastic Products – Mnfrs 423
KA466 Plastics – Coating Services 23
KA589 Plastics – Extrusion 73
KA592 Plastics – Injection Moulding 611
KA469 Plastics – Machinery & Equipment Mnfrs 62
KA199 Plastics – Raw Materials 51
WA384 Plastics – Stockists & Suppliers 399
KA595 Plastics – Vacuum Forming 54
KA598 Plastics – Welding 36
KB967 Playground Equipment 240
EA178 Playgroups & Pre-School Education 7,046
TC320 Plumbers 20,607
WA388 Plumbers’ Merchants 2,986
PB284 Pneumatic Engineers 50
KB589 Pneumatic Systems & Equipment 89
TC318 Pointing 10
SA272 Pole And Lap Dancing 28
GA216 Police 1,092
GA220 Police Support Services 75
GA224 Political Parties 697
KB719 Polythene & Plastic Sheeting Supplies 135
TC322 Pond Construction 1
AA256 Pools Promoters 2
TA138 Porch Canopies 88
UA376 Ports, Docks & Harbours 220
GA228 Post Office Services 10,275
RA664 Postcard Dealers 14
RA668 Pot Pourri 3
WA392 Potato Merchants & Supplies 252
KA175 Potteries 257
KB590 Potteries Equipment & Supplies 16
KB154 Pottery Mnfrs & Suppliers 122
KB591 Poultry Equipment & Supplies 44
FA228 Poultry Farmers 526
WA396 Poultry Wholesalers 171
KA472 Powder Coatings 513
TC321 Power Flushing 2
KB592 Power Tools 317
KB595 Power Transmission Equipment 82
CA256 Power Transmission Services 114
TC319 Power Washing 3
KB970 Prams & Accessories 67
KA135 Precious Metal Recovery 19
KB153 Precious Stones 125
KA475 Precision Engineers 2,987
NA348 Pregnancy Testing 68
MKC0 Premier Selections 3,136,560
AA264 Press Cutting Bureaux 6
KB598 Press Tool Mnfrs & Distributors 57
TC323 Pressure Washing Services 323
PB286 Print Consultants 5
KA562 Print Finishers 250
KA220 Printed Circuit Mnfrs 92
KB310 Printed Circuit Services 105
KA565 Printers – Glass, Metal, Plastics Etc. 184
KA568 Printers – Total List 6,291
KA31 Printers & Publishers – Total List 12,876
KB31 Printers & Publishers – Total List 846
CA259 Printers’ Services & Supplies 430
KA682 Printers Textile 234
CA262 Printing Engineering Services 102
KA478 Printing Equipment Mnfrs 238
GA232 Prisons 151
GA233 Probation Services 409
PB289 Process Control Engineers 63
KA04 Process Industries – Total List 2,491
KB04 Process Industries & Suppliers – Total List 714
WA400 Produce Merchants 37
CB186 Professional Speakers 37
PB0 Professionals – Consultants & Engineers – Total List 47,620
PA0 Professionals – Property – Total List 63,629
P0 Professionals – Total List 223,491
PB288 Project Management 921
KB768 Projection Screens – Mfrs & Suppliers 17
AA268 Promotional Items 1,097
KA735 Prop Shaft Mnfrs 70
PA184 Property & Estate Management 3,477
PA180 Property Developers 5,272
PA185 Property Investments 1,556
TA232 Property Maintenance & Repairs 6,722
TA233 Property Renovation 18
PA186 Property Search 122
RA672 Property Shops 44
KB844 Protective Clothing – Industrial 392
NA352 Psychiatrists 51
NA356 Psychoanalysts 786
NA360 Psychologists 431
NA364 Psychotherapists 318
RA676 Public Address & Music Systems – Suppliers & Installers 158
NA368 Public Analysts 22
HA214 Public House Management 68
HA220 Public Houses, Bars & Inns 31,078
MKC145 Public Limited Companies (PLC’s) 8,904
AA272 Public Relations Consultants 3,065
TA235 Public Works Contractors 392
KA574 Publishers 1,379
CA265 Publishers’ Services 234
KA481 Pump Mnfrs 137
TB242 Pumps – Sales, Servicing & Repairs 355
CA268 Purchasing Services 253
KB721 Pvc-U Products – Mnfrs & Suppliers 265
SA270 Quad Bikes 55
PB291 Quality Procedures Processes & Assessment 189
PA188 Quantity Surveyors 4,203
KA136 Quarries 578
MKC148 Quiet Companies 269,869
FA230 Rabbit Breeders 3
SA276 Racecourses & Tracks 113
KB600 Racking Systems 72
KB397 Radiator Covers 36
RA677 Radiators 84
AA276 Radio & Television Stations 172
KB313 Radio Communication Equipment 332
CA272 Radio Telephone Services 554
NA372 Radiographic Services 37
NA376 Radon Gas Detection & Services 9
WA404 Rag Merchants 17
KB601 Railings & Guard Rails 79
SA277 Railway Attractions 92
KA736 Railway Equipment Mnfrs 134
KB398 Railway Sleepers 19
UA380 Railways 207
PA192 Rating Surveyors 21
KA482 Razor Blade Mnfrs 47
TC324 Reclaiming – Waste Products 49
WA406 Reclamation Centres 223
CA269 Record Companies 306
KA223 Record, Tape & Cd Mnfrs & Wholesalers 25
KB316 Recording Equipment 46
AA280 Recording Studios 1,063
TC326 Recycling & Disposal – Computers 7
TC327 Recycling & Disposal – Tyres 52
TC325 Recycling Centres 23
TC328 Recycling Services 1,579
TC329 Recycling Services – Clothes 66
NA380 Reflexologists 670
KB157 Refractory Materials & Supplies 56
KB602 Refrigeration Equipment – Commercial 336
KB604 Refrigeration Equipment Mnfrs & Distributors 99
KB317 Refrigerators & Freezers – Domestic 15
TB244 Refrigerators & Freezers – Servicing & Repairs 715
TC332 Refuse Compactors 25
CA270 Rehearsal Studios & Facilities 200
NA384 Relaxation Techniques 846
KB971 Religious Furnishings & Supplies 22
CC130 Religious Organisations 2,715
CA271 Relocation Services 185
UA388 Removals – Industrial & Business 284
UA392 Removals – Overseas 103
UA396 Removals & Storage – Household 4,129
UA387 Removals Brokers 3
TC333 Rendering 3
KA137 Renewable Energy 31
CC133 Research Organisations 894
NA388 Residential Care Homes 10,976
NA392 Rest & Retirement Homes 3,363
HA226 Restaurants – African 2
HA228 Restaurants – American 4,024
HA232 Restaurants – Brasserie 4
HA234 Restaurants – Brazilian 1
HA236 Restaurants – Caribbean 337
HA240 Restaurants – Chinese 2,391
HA244 Restaurants – English 1,900
HA248 Restaurants – French 645
HA252 Restaurants – Greek 288
HA260 Restaurants – Indian 6,689
HA264 Restaurants – Italian 3,569
HA268 Restaurants – Japanese 878
HA270 Restaurants – Korean 86
HA272 Restaurants – Large (more than 20 employees) 4,588
HA274 Restaurants – Lebanese 255
HA276 Restaurants – Mediterranean 560
HA280 Restaurants – Mexican 503
HA282 Restaurants – Nepalese 127
HA284 Restaurants – Oriental 23
HA288 Restaurants – Pizzeria 1,446
HA290 Restaurants – Portuguese 232
HA292 Restaurants – Pub Food 2,222
HA295 Restaurants – Scottish 3
HA296 Restaurants – Seafood 456
HA298 Restaurants – Spanish 211
HA300 Restaurants – Thai 1,032
HA224 Restaurants – Total List 35,767
HA304 Restaurants – Turkish 539
HA308 Restaurants – Vegetarian 196
HA310 Restaurants – Vietnamese 2
RB0 Retail, Sales & Service – Total List 3,452
R0 Retailers – Total List 415,963
RA0 Retailers, Various – Total List 320,166
NA390 Retirement Apartments 22
EA181 Riding Schools & Livery Stables 2,135
UA400 River & Inland Waterways 94
GA236 River Authorities 11
TA236 Road Construction Contractors 94
KA484 Road Construction Equipment Mnfrs 33
UA404 Road Haulage Services 6,865
TC335 Road Marking 132
KA178 Road Marking & Surfacing Equipment & Material Mnfrs 40
TA240 Road Surfacing Contractors 315
RA684 Rocking Horses 2
KA487 Roller Shutter Mnfrs 234
TC337 Roof Coatings 3
TC336 Roofing Services 8,733
WA410 Roofing Supplies & Materials 878
KB850 Ropes & Hawsers 87
KA33 Rubber & Plastic Product Mnfrs – Total List 1,340
KB33 Rubber & Plastic Product Mnfrs & Suppliers – Total List 1,034
KA600 Rubber & Plastic Products – Mnfrs 233
KB973 Rubber Stamps 58
KB853 Saddlery & Riding Wear 525
UA408 Safe Deposits 34
KB605 Safes & Vaults – Suppliers & Installers 53
RA696 Safety Equipment & Clothing 289
KB160 Safety Glazing 37
TC343 Safety Surfaces 2
EA184 Sailing Schools 153
KA737 Sailmakers & Repairers 91
AA284 Sales Promotion Consultants 150
KB104 Salt Suppliers 55
WA412 Salvage Dealers 267
WA416 Sand, Gravel & Other Aggregates 1,047
HA312 Sandwich Delivery Services 171
CA277 Sanitary Services 220
KB924 Satellite Navigation 45
CA280 Satellite Television – Equipment & Services 620
KB400 Sauna & Sunbed Equipment 65
SA278 Saunas 128
KA265 Sausage Mnfrs 89
KA490 Saw Mnfrs 47
TB248 Saw Sharpening & Repairs 69
KB403 Sawmills & Wood Shavings 244
KB607 Scaffolding & Work Platforms 458
TA244 Scaffolding Erectors & Hirers 2,014
KB610 Scales & Weighing Equipment 185
RA700 School & College Outfitters 587
CA281 School Furniture & Equipment 100
EA188 Schools – Academy 3
EA189 Schools – Foundation 4,973
EA190 Schools – Independent & Preparatory 1,734
EA202 Schools – Middle 595
EA199 Schools – Primary 22,178
EA205 Schools – Secondary 3,107
EA214 Schools – Special 1,416
EA217 Schools – Sports & Leisure Activities 83
EA220 Schools & Colleges – Art & Design 101
EA223 Schools & Colleges – Commercial 16
EA226 Schools & Colleges – Further Education 1,472
EA187 Schools Excl Independent & Special 22,382
KA640 Scientific Apparatus & Instruments – Mnfrs 357
WA420 Scrap Metal Merchants 1,262
TC341 Scrap Yards 37
KB406 Screen Mnfrs & Suppliers 40
KA577 Screen Process Printers 370
CA282 Sculptors & Woodcarvers 256
KB216 Sealant Componds & Applications 139
IA225 Search Engines 32
KA313 Seating Manufacturers 290
RA704 Secondhand Shops 726
CA283 Secretarial & Typing Services 825
CA285 Security Equipment 485
TC338 Security Equipment Installers 626
CA286 Security Services 2,429
WA424 Seed Merchants 159
KA224 Semiconductor Manufacturers 49
KB613 Septic Tanks 131
PA194 Serviced Apartments 326
WB144 Sewage Disposal – Equipment & Service 46
TC339 Sewage Pump Stations 2
KB856 Sewing Centres 80
TC340 Sewing Contractors 25
KB614 Sewing Machines – Industrial 75
RA708 Sewing Machines & Accessories 233
KA685 Sewing Thread Mnfrs 8
RA709 Sex Shops 92
NA394 Sexual Health Clinics 2
BA273 Share Dealing Services 8
KA493 Sheet Metal Work 999
KB615 Sheet Metal Working Equipment & Supplies 32
FA232 Shell Fish 240
NA396 Sheltered Housing 4,071
KB409 Shelving & Racking – Systems & Components 212
LA184 Sheriff Officers 35
UA412 Ship Brokers 125
KB925 Ship Builders, Repairs & Fittings 65
UA416 Shipping Agents & Overseas Removals 75
UA420 Shipping Companies 363
KA688 Shirt Makers 21
TB256 Shoe Repairing 903
RA712 Shoe Shops 3,721
KA316 Shop Fittings Mnfrs 201
KB412 Shop Fixtures & Fittings 93
TC342 Shop Fronts 1
TC344 Shopfitters 937
RA716 Shopping Centres 674
KB616 Shower Units & Accessories 84
CA292 Shredding Equipment & Services 57
TC345 Shuttering and Formwork 54
KB975 Shutters – Internal 8
TC348 Sign & Poster Writers 795
TC347 Sign Erectors 66
CA293 Sign Makers’ Equipment & Materials 137
KB415 Signs & Nameplates 2,628
KB217 Silicones 40
PB296 Site Investigation Consultants 193
RA720 Skates & Skateboarding 106
SA280 Skating Rinks 69
SA284 Ski Slopes 42
KB976 Skiing Equipment 83
UA424 Skip Hire & Rubbish Clearance and Collection 1,747
TA248 Skylights & Rooflights 69
KB163 Slate & Slate Products 56
CA295 Slimming Products & Services 285
NA397 Smoking Cessation 588
KB977 Smoking Shelters 1
SA288 Snooker, Billiards & Pool Halls 485
SA292 Snooker, Billiards & Pool Tables & Accessories 127
GA240 Social Services 180
WA428 Soft Drinks – Distributors 167
KA268 Soft Drinks – Mnfrs 101
KA691 Soft Furnishings – Mnfrs 290
RA724 Soft Furnishings – Retail 1,034
MKC154 SOHOs (Small Office, Home Office Users) 153,556
KB319 Solar Energy Equipment – Suppliers & Installers 556
TB258 Solar Panel Installers 23
SA296 Solariums & Tanning Salons 1,730
LA188 Solicitors – Accident And Personal Injury 52
LA190 Solicitors – Family 13
LA186 Solicitors – Firms All (Selectable by no. of Employees) 15,161
RA728 Sound Equipment Hire & Installation 189
KA226 Sound Equipment Systems Mnfrs 216
TC350 Soundproofing 2
SA298 Spas 216
RA732 Spas Whirlpools & Hot-Tubs 24
NA398 Speech & Language Therapists 213
CB188 Speech Writers 657
S0 Sport & Leisure Establishments – Total List 148,864
SA300 Sports Clubs & Associations 5,587
EA232 Sports Coaching & Instruction 1,333
KB979 Sports Equipment Mnfrs & Distributors 381
TB260 Sports Equipment Repairs 1,986
RA736 Sports Goods Shops 481
TA252 Sports Ground & Stadium Contractors 179
SA304 Sports Grounds & Stadiums 280
NA400 Sports Injury Clinics 544
SA308 Sports Management & Promotion 211
NA401 Sports Nutrition and Supplements 13
SA312 Sportsground & Gymnasium Equipment 4
WA430 Sportswear Wholesalers 115
KA496 Spraying – Paint & Coatings 228
KB619 Spring Mnfrs & Distributors 132
SA316 Squash Courts 45
SA318 Stag & Hen Parties 41
TC362 Stage Lighting 17
KB164 Stained Glass Designers & Producers 382
KA138 Stainless Steel Manufacturers 157
WA436 Stainless Steel Stockholders 114
KA497 Stainless Steel Welding Fabrications 78
KA343 Staircase, Balustrade & Handrail Mnfrs 290
KB769 Stairlifts – Mnfrs & Installers 213
RA740 Stamp Dealers 157
WA440 Stationery – Wholesale 52
KA532 Stationery Mnfrs 83
RA744 Stationery Suppliers 1,383
CA298 Steam Cleaning Services 52
TA256 Steel Buildings 151
TA260 Steel Fabricators & Erectors 2,486
KA139 Steel Mnfrs 125
WA444 Steel Stockholders 671
TC352 Steeplejacks 49
UA428 Stevedoring Services 14
BA276 Stockbrokers 200
LA208 Stocktaking & Inventory Services 324
TC356 Stone Cleaning & Restoration 340
WA448 Stone Merchants – Natural & Precast 331
KA181 Stone Products – Mnfrs 88
TC360 Stonemasons 708
KA322 Storage & Shelving Systems Mnfrs 152
UA432 Storage Services 2,270
NA404 Stress Management 122
PB300 Structural Consultants 321
PB304 Structural Engineers 978
PA198 Student Accommodation 671
KB361 Sugar Refiners & Suppliers 22
SA320 Sunbed Hire 111
UA434 Sunroofs & Vinyl Tops 8
RA748 Supermarkets 8,658
NA408 Surgeons 120
KB770 Surgical Appliances & Equipment 84
RA760 Surplus Stores 62
KB771 Surveying Instruments & Equipment 95
PA199 Surveyors – Boat & Yacht 49
PA200 Surveyors – Building 1,643
PA204 Surveyors – Firms, All (Selectable by no. of Employees) 6,119
PA216 Surveyors – Land 443
PA220 Surveyors & Valuers 2,626
TC364 Swimming Pool Contractors, Repairers & Service 306
WA450 Swimming Pool Equipment & Supplies 180
SA324 Swimming Pools – Public 338
EA233 Swimming Tuition 18
KB862 Synthetic Textiles 4
KB622 Tableware 30
RA764 Tailors 528
HA320 Take Away Food Shops 28,852
TB264 Tank Cleaning & Repairing 103
KB625 Tanks, Vats & Cisterns 113
KB865 Tapes – Industrial 52
KB868 Tarpaulins 94
KB871 Tartans, Kilts & Accessories 117
NA409 Tattoo Removal 92
CB190 Tattooing & Piercing 2,614
LA212 Tax Consultants 1,562
LA213 Tax Refunds 2
KB772 Taxi Equipment Supplies 31
KA758 Taxidermists 42
UA436 Taxis & Private Hire 16,098
WA452 Tea & Coffee Merchants 437
AA288 Technical & Commercial Illustrators 296
PB308 Telecommunication Consultants 372
CA301 Telecommunication Services 2,404
KB322 Telecommunications Equipment & Systems 377
AA292 Telemarketing 312
CA304 Telephone Answering Services & Message Centres 251
CA305 Telephone Card Dealers 11
PB310 Telephone Engineers 10
WA456 Telephone Equipment 16
TB266 Telephone Repair & Installation 2
TC366 Television & Radio Aerials – Suppliers & Erectors 1,488
CA307 Television & Radio Production Services 587
KB328 Television & Video Mnfrs & Wholesalers 23
RA772 Television & Video Rental 310
TB268 Television, Video & Radio Servicing 753
RA768 Television, Video & Radio Shops 285
RA776 Television, Video & Teletext Rental 81
KA643 Temperature Monitoring Systems Mnfrs 116
SA332 Tennis & Squash Clubs 150
SA328 Tennis Courts 347
TA264 Tennis Courts & Sports Surfaces – Construction 55
KA697 Tent Mnfrs 32
KA646 Testing, Inspection & Calibration Equipment Mnfrs 391
KA39 Textile & Leather Product Mnfrs – Total List 3,045
KB39 Textile & Leather Product Mnfrs & Suppliers – Total List 4,759
CA311 Textile Designers 145
KA700 Textile Manufacturing 419
WA460 Textile Merchants & Agents 443
TC367 Thatching & Conservation Crafts 199
MKC224 The Top 1000 Companies by Turnover 808
SA335 Theatre Companies 648
SA336 Theatres 278
SA340 Theatrical Agencies 209
CA312 Theatrical Costumes, Equipment & Supplies 428
SA344 Theme Parks 20
CA314 Thermal Imaging 8
KB775 Thermometers & Thermostats 16
SA348 Ticket Agencies 185
RA778 Ties & Neckwear 52
TB270 Tile and Flooring Restoration 7
KA184 Tile Mnfrs 65
WA464 Tile Stockists 1,523
TC368 Tiling Contractors – Wall, Floor & Ceiling 2,304
TA268 Timber Framed Buildings 449
JA160 Timber Merchants, Importers & Agents 1,340
CA313 Timber Preservation Services 166
KB413 Timber Windows & Doors 13
KB778 Time Recording Machines 67
HA324 Timeshare Accommodation 33
CB193 Toastmasters 107
JA164 Tobacco Importers & Distributors 15
KA759 Tobacco Products – Mnfrs 11
RA780 Tobacconists – Retail 153
WA468 Tobacconists & Confectioners – Wholesale 76
WA472 Tobacconists’ Suppliers 1,596
RA784 Toiletries 3
KB218 Toiletry Articles Manufacturers & Suppliers 59
KB982 Toilets – Portable 237
KA499 Tool Design, Mnfrs & Makers 459
WA476 Tool Merchants 488
TB272 Tool Sharpening, Repairing & Servicing 108
MKC227 Top Accountants (50+ Employees) 467
MKC230 Top Architects (20+ Employees) 442
MKC236 Top Financial Executives (500+ Employees) 1,324
MKC239 Top Hotels (50+ Employees) 1,747
MKC242 Top IT/Computing Executives (500+ Employees) 1,248
MKC245 Top Personnel Executives (500+ Employees) 1,181
MKC251 Top Purchasing Executives (500+ Employees) 703
MKC257 Top Sales and Marketing Executives (500+ Employees) 1,457
MKC260 Top Senior Executives (500+ Employees) 3,120
WA478 Top Soil Merchants 4
MKC263 Top Solicitors (50+ Employees) 940
MKC266 Top Surveyors (20+ Employees) 515
SA352 Tour Guides & Sightseeing Excursions 335
UA440 Tour Operators 1,516
SA360 Tourist Information 467
UA441 Towbars 224
CA316 Towel Supply & Washroom Services 172
PB312 Town Planning Consultants 735
RA792 Toy Libraries 20
RA796 Toy Shops 506
WA480 Toys & Games – Wholesale 137
KA760 Toys, Games & Sporting Goods – Mnfrs 175
CC136 Trade Associations & Regulatory Bodies 471
T0 Trade Contractors – Total List 349,842
LA216 Trade Mark Agents 47
CC139 Trade Unions 645
GA241 Trading Standards 60
KA232 Traffic Management Systems 275
UA444 Trailers – Rental & Leasing 219
KB928 Trailers & Towing Equipment 192
UA448 Train Stations & Information 79
EA235 Training Centres 800
PB316 Training Consultants 25
EA238 Training Services 6,546
KA235 Transformer Mnfrs 109
CB196 Translators & Interpreters 1,157
PB320 Transport Consultants 384
KA739 Transport Equipment – Mnfrs 16
U0 Transport, Shipping & Storage – Total List 202,193
UA460 Travel Agents & Holiday Cos – Excluding Branches 1,851
UA452 Travel Agents & Holiday Cos – Total List 5,407
UA461 Travel Clinics 54
KB707 Travel Guides 26
TC370 Tree Work & Forestry Services 3,833
NA412 Trichologists 115
KB874 Trimmers & Trimmings 60
KA502 Trolley, Truck & Barrow Makers 29
KB985 Trophies, Medals & Rosettes 511
KA579 T-Shirt Printing 24
KB877 T-Shirts 594
WA484 Tube & Tube Fitting Stockists 115
KA505 Tube Bending 55
UA464 Tug & Towing Services 25
EA241 Tuition – Private 2,370
KB631 Tungsten Tool Mnfrs & Distributors 204
KA508 Turbine Mnfrs 45
KB929 Turbo Chargers 54
TC372 Turfing Contractors & Turf Supplies 683
KA578 Typesetters 64
RA800 Typewriter Dealers 6
UA468 Tyre Dealers 5,359
KB634 Tyre Manufacturing Equipment 9
KB727 Tyre Mnfrs & Distributors 53
TB276 Tyre Repairs & Retreading 134
WA488 Tyre Wholesalers 85
KA649 Ultrasonic Equipment Mnfrs 32
KB988 Umbrellas & Walking Sticks 30
TC374 Under Floor Heating 143
PB324 Underpinning & Foundation Engineers 130
BA292 Underwriters 127
KB880 Uniforms & Staff Wear 264
BA296 Unit Trust Brokers & Managers 7
EA244 Universities & Medical Schools 654
KA323 Upholsterers 1,786
WA492 Upholsterers’ Supplies 66
KA325 Upholstery Mnfrs 4
BA300 Utility Brokers 433
RB132 Vacuum Cleaners – Sales & Service 183
KB637 Vacuum Cleaners, Industrial & Commercial – Mnfrs & Distributors 142
TB278 Vacuum Cleaners, Industrial & Commercial – Repairs & Servicing 44
CA319 Valet Services 235
BA304 Valuers – Antiques & Jewellery 37
BA308 Valuers – General 33
KB640 Valve Mnfrs & Suppliers 284
UA472 Van & Truck Hire 1,078
KA42 Vehicle & Accessory Mnfrs – Total List 1,223
KB42 Vehicle & Accessory Mnfrs & Suppliers – Total List 4,127
CA320 Vehicle Electronics 109
PB328 Vehicle Fleet Management Consultants 198
UA476 Vehicle Inspection Services 73
UA477 Vehicle Signage 53
UA478 Vehicle Tracking 34
RA804 Vending Machine Ingredients 112
KA511 Vending Machine Mnfrs 19
WB148 Vending Machines – Sales & Service 267
KA328 Veneer Mnfrs 26
TC376 Ventilation Contractors 297
KB643 Ventilators & Ventilation Systems 222
KA650 Veterinary Equipment Manufacturers 28
NA416 Veterinary Pharmacies 99
NA420 Veterinary Surgeons & Practitioners 5,662
CA322 Video Filming Equipment & Services 63
RA808 Video Libraries 19
AA294 Video Production Companies 1,542
RA812 Video Tape Shops 14
WA496 Video Tape Wholesalers & Distributors 3
AA296 Videoconferencing 36
FA236 Vineyards & Wine Producers 146
CA323 Virtual Office Services 33
SA364 Visitor Centres 421
RA806 Vitamins & Supplements 5
RA813 Vouchers & Coupons 12
TC379 Wall Tie Replacements 43
KB694 Wallpapers & Wall Coverings 270
WA498 Warehouse Clubs 1
UA480 Warehouses 521
TB280 Washing Machines – Servicing & Repairs 496
KB646 Washing Machines & Home Laundry Equipment 10
TC381 Wasp Nest Removal 4
TC380 Waste Disposal Services 1,867
TB284 Waste Disposal Units – Installation & Repair 70
WA500 Waste Merchants 37
WA504 Waste Paper Merchants & Collectors 41
KB649 Waste Processing Machinery 142
PB190 Water & Sewer Engineers 689
GA244 Water Authorities 50
KA142 Water Companies 98
KB652 Water Coolers 207
CA329 Water Filters 1
CA325 Water Garden Services 138
CA327 Water Softeners 174
CA326 Water Suppliers – Bottled 79
WB152 Water Treatment Equipment & Service 99
CA328 Waterjet Cutting Services 31
KB883 Waterproof Clothing and Rainwear 45
KA601 Waterproof Material Mnfrs 29
TA272 Waterproofing – Buildings & Structures 90
SA368 Watersports 374
KB220 Waxes 12
CA331 Weather Services 31
IA250 Web Site Design 7,533
CA334 Wedding Supplies & Services 4,624
HA326 Wedding Venues – Civil 208
TC382 Weed Control Services 4
GA252 Weighbridges – Public 11
TC384 Welders 733
WB156 Welding Equipment – Sales & Service 322
UA484 Wheel Clamping 3
KA742 Wheel Mnfrs 36
TC386 Wheelie Bin Cleaning 64
KB991 Wheels & Castors 176
WA0 Wholesale & Trade Distribution Companies – Total List 43,028
W0 Wholesale, Distribution & Servicing Cos. – Total List 85,761
SA370 Wildlife Parks and Farms 8
LA220 Will Writing Services 567
CA336 Windmills & Wind Power Equipment 102
TC388 Window Cleaners 3,222
KB728 Window Film Mnfrs & Dealers 97
KB655 Window Frame Manufacturers’ Equipment 16
KA514 Window Frame Mnfrs 487
WB160 Window Frames – Sales & Service 169
KB994 Window Tinting 301
KB416 Windows – Sash 5
KB166 Windows – Special Purpose 80
CA337 Windscreen Services 737
SA372 Windsurfing 131
HA328 Wine Bars 1,335
KB995 Wine Making & Home Brewing Equipment & Supplies 80
JA168 Wines Spirits & Beer – Importers 211
RA816 Wines Spirits & Beer – Retail 3,968
WA508 Wines Spirits & Beer – Wholesale 643
KA517 Wire Products – Mnfrs 174
KA329 Wood Craftsmen 78
RA820 Wood Flooring 565
KA331 Wood Products, Except Furniture – Mnfrs 158
TC390 Wood Recycling 4
KB658 Woodburning Stoves 506
KA334 Woodturning & Machining 179
KB661 Woodworking Machinery 124
TC392 Woodworm Control 52
RA824 Wool & Needlecraft Shops 548
WA512 Wool Merchants 9
RA828 Word Processing Equipment & Supplies 1
CA340 Word Processing Services 78
KB417 Work Tops 22
PA230 Workspace 1
KB886 Workwear & Protective Equipment 522
AA300 Writers – Technical & Commercial 243
KA763 Writing & Drawing Materials – Mnfrs 15
KA518 Wrought Ironwork 368
NA424 X-Ray Services 33
SA376 Yacht & Sailing Clubs 234
SA374 Yacht Brokers 150
KB889 Yarn Supplies 21
NA428 Yoga 1,020
HA332 Youth Hostels 344
SA380 Youth Organisations & Centres 1,797
SA384 Zoos 68

For more ways to select data, you could check out a list of SIC’s here.

Speak to one of our consultants today to discuss your specific marketing needs and sectors selections

Crafting Compelling Value Propositions: A Guide for the Business Sector List UK

Hey there, savvy business owner! So, you’re looking to sell your products or services to businesses in the UK, right?

And you want to stand out in that expansive business sector list UK has to offer. Well, you’re in the right place. Here, I’m going to chat about crafting compelling value propositions. Let’s dive right in.

Firstly, we need to understand what a value proposition is. Think of it as the unique identifier that sets your product or service apart. It’s the reason why customers should choose you over your competitors. But creating a compelling value proposition isn’t always easy, particularly when considering the diverse business sector list UK markets have.

When you’re crafting your value proposition, start by understanding your target audience. The business sector list UK presents is vast, encompassing everything from manufacturing to retail, tech to hospitality. Each sector has unique needs and challenges. So, start by identifying which sector your product or service is aimed at.

Once you’ve got a clear understanding of your target sector within the business sector list UK, you need to understand what’s important to them. What are their pain points? What challenges do they face? And crucially, how can your product or service solve those issues? That’s where your value proposition starts to take shape.

Now, remember, the business sector list UK is competitive, so you need to clearly communicate what sets you apart.

Are you more affordable, more innovative, or more efficient? Maybe your customer service is the best in the business. Whatever it is, make sure it’s front and centre in your value proposition.

But you’re not done yet! No, once you’ve crafted your value proposition, you need to validate it. This is where customer feedback becomes essential. Don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board and refine your value proposition based on the responses you get. Remember, a compelling value proposition is always customer-focused.

To summarise, understanding the business sector list UK and crafting a compelling value proposition involves knowing your target audience, understanding their needs, highlighting what sets you apart, and continuously refining your proposition based on customer feedback.

By following these steps, not only will you have a killer value proposition but you’ll also be well on your way to successful selling in the dynamic and diverse business sector list UK. So go on, start crafting that compelling value proposition today!

List of Industry Sectors in the UK

Marketing to a List of Industrial Businesses in the UK

Navigating the Challenges of Marketing to Companies in the UK

Marketing to companies in the UK presents unique challenges due to the competitive business industry list landscape, diverse industries, and evolving consumer preferences. To effectively reach and engage with UK businesses, marketers must understand and overcome these hurdles. In this part of the article, we will explore some of the key challenges faced when marketing to companies in the UK and provide insights on how to navigate them successfully.

Intense Market Competition

The UK is known for its vibrant and competitive business industry list environment. Companies in various sectors vie for attention, making it challenging to stand out and differentiate your products or services.

Solution: To overcome intense market competition, businesses need to develop a strong brand identity and a compelling value proposition. Conduct thorough market research to identify gaps in the market and target specific niches. Tailor your marketing messages to resonate with the needs and pain points of your target audience. Differentiate your offerings by highlighting unique features, benefits, or competitive advantages that set you apart from competitors.

Cultural Sensitivities and Regional Differences

The UK is a diverse country with distinct cultural nuances and regional variations. What works in one region or industry may not necessarily be effective in another. Ignoring these differences can lead to disengagement and lack of resonance with your target audience.

Solution: Take the time to understand the cultural sensitivities and regional preferences within the UK market. Conduct market research to gain insights into the target audience’s preferences, behaviours, and expectations in different regions. Tailor your marketing strategies, messages, and campaigns to align with these nuances, ensuring that your communication resonates with the specific audience you are targeting.

Decision-Making Processes

Decision-making processes in UK industrial sectors list can be complex and involve multiple stakeholders. This can result in longer sales cycles and challenges in moving prospects through the pipeline.

Solution: Build relationships with key decision-makers and influencers within the target companies. Understand their decision-making process and tailor your marketing efforts to align with it. Provide comprehensive information, case studies, and testimonials that address the concerns and requirements of various stakeholders. Implement account-based marketing (ABM) strategies to personalise your approach and focus on specific industrial sectors list or decision-making units within larger organisations.

Data Protection and Privacy Regulations

The UK has stringent data protection and privacy regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act. These regulations govern how industrial sectors list collect, store, and use personal data, imposing strict consent and compliance requirements.

Solution: Ensure your marketing practices adhere to the UK’s data protection and privacy regulations.

Regularly review and update your privacy policies to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. Implement robust data security measures to protect the personal information of your customers and prospects.

Evolving Digital Landscape

The digital landscape in the UK is ever-changing, with emerging technologies and evolving consumer behaviours. Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends and channels can be a challenge for businesses.

Solution: Stay updated with the latest digital marketing trends, tools, and platforms. Invest in ongoing training and professional development to enhance your digital marketing skills. Leverage data analytics and customer insights to understand how your target audience engages with digital channels. Experiment with new marketing channels and strategies to reach your audience effectively. Stay agile and adaptable to embrace new technologies and consumer trends as they emerge.


Marketing to list of industrial companies in the UK requires a strategic approach to overcome the challenges posed by intense competition, cultural nuances, decision-making processes, data protection regulations, and the evolving digital landscape. By understanding the target audience, tailoring marketing messages, building relationships with key stakeholders, and staying abreast of industry trends, businesses can navigate these challenges successfully and drive effective marketing campaigns to reach their desired outcomes.

Crafting Winning Value Propositions for UK Industries: Harnessing the List of Industries in the UK

Steps to Crafting a Tailored Value Proposition for UK Industries

Deep Dive into the ‘List of Industries and sectors in the UK’: Before anything else, familiarise yourself with the list of industries and sectors in the UK. Understand the major players, the emerging sectors, and the traditional stalwarts.

Identify Pain Points: Every industry has specific challenges. Whether it’s regulatory hurdles, technological disruptions, or supply chain issues, pinpoint these pain points. Your product or service should offer a solution or ease these challenges.

Highlight Unique Benefits: With a myriad of solutions available, what makes your offering stand out? Maybe it’s more cost-effective, more sustainable, or simply more innovative. Ensure this uniqueness is evident in your proposition.

Use Real-world Testimonials: Nothing speaks louder than success stories. If you’ve had clients or customers in similar name of industries, showcase their testimonials. This not only adds credibility but also illustrates the practical value of your offering.

Stay Updated with Industry Trends: Industries evolve. By consistently referring to the updated ‘List of Industries and sectors in the UK’, businesses can stay attuned to any shifts, mergers, or emergent trends in the sector, ensuring their value proposition remains relevant.

Engage and Collaborate: Consider engaging with industry experts or associations. Collaborative events or thought leadership can enhance the authenticity of your value proposition.

Feedback and Iteration: Once your value proposition is out in the world, gather feedback. Understand what resonates and what doesn’t, and be ready to iterate.


Crafting a compelling value proposition for the diverse sectors in the UK is no small feat. However, with tools like the ‘List of Industries and sectors in the UK’, businesses can navigate this complex landscape with greater ease and precision. At the end of the day, it’s about conveying genuine value – a proposition that not only appeals on paper but delivers in practice. And with the right insights and approach, UK industries will take notice.

List of Industries in UK

Email marketing to a list of Industries in the UK

Email marketing is a dynamic and versatile tool that can be particularly effective when reaching out to various name of industries within the UK. A comprehensive list of UK business sectors can be a goldmine for businesses looking to target their products and services to specific name of industries. Here’s how email marketing can be beneficial when engaging with a diverse range of sectors in the UK.

Targeted Communication

Having access to a list of UK business sectors allows businesses to tailor their communication to industry-specific needs and interests. Email marketing campaigns can be customised to address the unique challenges, trends, and opportunities within each sector, making the content more relevant and engaging to the recipients.

Cost-Effective Campaigns

Email marketing is known for its cost efficiency, and when targeting a list of UK business sectors, this is no different. Businesses can reach a large number of list of industrial companies within various industries at a relatively low cost compared to traditional marketing methods. This is particularly beneficial for B2B companies that often have to consider budget constraints while ensuring their marketing efforts reach the right audience.

Measurable Analytics

When sending out email campaigns to a list of UK business sectors, businesses can track and analyse the performance of their efforts. Metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates are invaluable in understanding how different names of industries respond to various marketing messages. This data can then inform future campaigns, ensuring they are even more effective.

Industry Sector List

Building Industry Relationships

Regular email communication helps in establishing and nurturing relationships with key players in various UK business sectors. By consistently providing valuable insights, analysis, and solutions to industry-specific problems, businesses can position themselves as thought leaders and go-to experts in their respective fields.

Increased Engagement

Email marketing allows for interactive content, such as videos, infographics, and clickable elements, which can lead to increased engagement from recipients. For businesses targeting a list of UK sectors, this means the ability to present complex industry data and information in an accessible and engaging manner.

Direct Access to Decision-Makers

Utilising a list of UK sectors for email marketing ensures that promotional content is delivered directly to the inboxes of decision-makers within those name ofindustries. This direct line of communication is invaluable for B2B industrial sectros list looking to establish partnerships or close sales with other businesses.

Compliance and Trust

Adhering to UK data protection laws, such as the GDPR, is crucial when conducting email marketing. By responsibly managing a list of UK sectors and ensuring compliance, businesses build trust with their industry contacts. This trust is essential for long-term business relationships and reputation management.


Lead Generation and Conversion

Email marketing to a targeted list of UK sectors can be an effective lead generation tool. By offering industry-specific content, such as whitepapers, case studies, and webinars, businesses can attract potential clients and guide them through the sales funnel towards conversion.

Flexibility and Scalability

Email marketing campaigns can be easily scaled to match the size and scope of the targeted list of UK sectors. Whether a business is looking to reach out to a few key industries or a broad spectrum, email campaigns can be adjusted to fit the scale of the outreach effort.


With an increasing focus on sustainability, email marketing offers an eco-friendly alternative to paper-based marketing. For businesses targeting the list of UK business sectors, this aligns with the growing environmental consciousness within the corporate world.

In conclusion, the strategic use of email marketing to engage with a list of UK business sectors can offer businesses a multitude of benefits. From targeted and personalised content to cost-effective and measurable campaigns, the advantages are clear. By leveraging the power of email marketing, businesses can effectively reach out to industry-specific audiences, build meaningful relationships, and drive growth within the diverse landscape of UK industries.

List of Industries in the UK

Email marketing best practices to a list of industries and sectors in the UK

Email marketing remains a cornerstone of digital marketing strategies, particularly when it comes to selling products and services to a diverse range of industries. For businesses targeting a list of UK industries, it’s crucial to adhere to best practices to ensure their email marketing campaigns are effective, respectful, and yield the desired results. Here’s a guide to the best practices in email marketing within the context of reaching out to various UK industries.

Understand Your Audience

Before crafting your email campaign, it’s essential to have a deep understanding of the list of UK industries you’re targeting. Each industry has its own set of challenges, language, and business cycles. Tailoring your message to address the specific needs and pain points of each sector can significantly increase the relevance and impact of your communication.

Segment Your List

Segmentation is key in email marketing. Your list of UK industries likely includes a wide range of sectors, from finance to manufacturing to technology. Segmenting these industries into specific groups allows for more targeted messaging. For example, the tone, content, and offers you present to the healthcare sector might differ vastly from what you would send to the retail sector.

Personalise Your Emails

While dealing with industries, it’s easy to forget that you’re communicating with individuals. Personalisation goes beyond addressing the recipient by name; it involves crafting content that resonates with the individual’s role within the industry, their company’s size, and their specific business needs.

Provide Value

Every email you send should provide value to the recipient. Whether it’s industry insights, helpful guides, or product updates, the content should be relevant and beneficial to the list of UK industries you’re addressing. Providing value helps in establishing your brand as a thought leader and a helpful resource, rather than just another sales pitch.

List of Business Industries

Design for All Devices

Professionals within your list of UK industries are likely to access their email on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Ensuring your email design is responsive and looks good on all devices is crucial for maintaining engagement and readability.

Clear Call-to-Action

Your email should have a clear call-to-action (CTA) that guides recipients on what to do next. Whether it’s to download a whitepaper, register for a webinar, or contact a sales representative, the CTA should be easy to find and straightforward.

Respect Privacy and Compliance

Adhering to regulations such as the GDPR is not just a legal necessity; it also shows respect for your recipients’ privacy. Ensure that your email marketing practices comply with these laws and that you’re only contacting individuals who have opted in to receive communications from you.

Test and Optimize

A/B testing different elements of your email campaigns, such as subject lines, email copy, and CTAs, can provide valuable insights into what resonates best with your target industries. Use these insights to optimize future campaigns for better performance.

Monitor and Measure

Keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and unsubscribe rates. Monitoring these metrics will help you understand the effectiveness of your campaigns and where there’s room for improvement.

Business Sectors List

Be Consistent but Not Overwhelming

Consistency in your email marketing helps build recognition and trust with your list of UK industries. However, it’s important to balance frequency and content to avoid overwhelming your recipients, which could lead to higher unsubscribe rates.

Offer Easy Opt-Out

Make it easy for recipients to unsubscribe from your emails if they wish to. A simple and accessible opt-out option is not only a best practice but also a requirement under many privacy laws.

By following these best practices, businesses can ensure their email marketing efforts are well-received and effective in engaging with their list of UK industries. The goal is to create a win-win situation where your audience receives valuable content and your business achieves its marketing and sales objectives.

Business Sectors List

Optimizing Email Marketing with A/B Split Testing for an Industry List

When it comes to email marketing, one size does not fit all, especially when addressing a diverse industry list. A/B split testing, also known as split-run testing, is an essential technique that allows marketers to understand what resonates best with different industry segments. This method involves sending two slightly different versions of an email to a subset of your audience and analyzing which version performs better. Here’s how to effectively implement A/B split testing in your email campaigns when targeting an industry list.

Define Your Objectives

Start with a Goal: Before conducting A/B testing, it’s vital to define what you aim to achieve. Are you looking to increase open rates, improve click-through rates, or boost conversions? Setting clear objectives helps you focus your testing efforts and measure success more accurately.

Segment Your Industry List

Tailor to Specific Industries: Segmenting your email list according to different industries is crucial. Each industry has unique needs, interests, and pain points. Tailoring your approach to these specific segments ensures that your testing is relevant and yields actionable insights.

Choose One Variable to Test

Isolate the Variable: To determine which element of your email impacts performance, change only one variable at a time. This could be anything from the email’s subject line, content, layout, call-to-action (CTA), or even the time of sending.

Create Variants

Develop Two Versions: Based on the variable you choose, create two versions of your email. For instance, if you’re testing subject lines, one could be a straightforward, descriptive subject, while the other could be more provocative or question-based.

Randomize and Send

Ensure Fair Distribution: Divide your industry list randomly into two groups. Send Version A to one group and Version B to the other. Random distribution is key to obtaining unbiased results.

Analyze the Results

Measure Against Your Goals: After the emails have been sent, analyze the results based on your initial objectives. Compare the performance of both versions in terms of open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Implement the Findings

Apply Insights to Future Campaigns: Utilize the insights gained from your A/B test to enhance your future email marketing campaigns. If a particular approach worked well with one industry segment, consider how you can apply similar tactics to other segments or refine the approach for even better results.

Continuous Testing and Refinement

Keep Iterating: A/B testing is not a one-off task; it’s an ongoing process. Regular testing and refinement are essential for staying relevant and effective in your email marketing strategies.

Respect Industry Nuances

Customize for Each Segment: Be mindful that what works for one industry might not work for another. Always consider the specific characteristics, language, and preferences of each industry in your list. Customization is key in resonating with diverse audiences.


A/B split testing is a powerful tool in the arsenal of an email marketer, especially when dealing with a varied industry list. By methodically testing different components of your email campaigns and analyzing the results, you can discover the most effective ways to engage each segment of your industry list.

This strategic approach leads to more personalized, effective, and successful email marketing efforts, tailored to meet the distinct needs of each industry.

List of Industries in the UK

How to Measure the Results of Email Marketing Campaigns in Various Business Sectors

Email marketing remains a vital tool for businesses across various List of business sectors, offering a direct line of communication to potential and existing customers. However, the effectiveness of these campaigns can vary significantly depending on the industry. Understanding how to measure the results of email marketing campaigns, especially when selling products and services to different UK business sectors, is crucial for optimizing strategies and achieving the best possible outcomes.

Understanding Business Sectors List

Before diving into measurement strategies, it’s essential to understand the diversity of business sectors. A comprehensive business sectors list includes name of industries like healthcare, finance, technology, manufacturing, retail, and many more. Each of these list of business sectors has unique characteristics and customer behaviors, which means that email marketing strategies and their success metrics can differ significantly.

Key Metrics for Measuring Email Marketing Success

Open Rate: This measures the percentage of recipients who opened your email. It’s a primary indicator of how well your subject line worked and whether your email list is engaged.

List of Industrial Business

Click-Through Rate (CTR): CTR indicates the percentage of email recipients who clicked on one or more links contained in an email. This metric is crucial for understanding how compelling your email content is to your audience.

Conversion Rate: This is the percentage of email recipients who clicked on a link within an email and completed a desired action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a webinar. Conversion rates are key to understanding the effectiveness of email content in driving action.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of your total emails sent that could not be successfully delivered to the recipient’s inbox. A high bounce rate may indicate problems with your email list quality or email deliverability issues.

ROI (Return on Investment): This measures the profitability of your email marketing campaigns. It’s calculated by comparing the revenue generated from the campaign against the cost of running the campaign

Tailoring Strategies for Different Business Sectors

Personalization: In sectors like retail or hospitality, personalization can significantly improve engagement. Use customer data to tailor emails based on past purchases, preferences, or behaviors.

Content Relevance: For sectors such as finance or healthcare, providing relevant and valuable content is key. Educational content, industry news, or advice can be more effective than direct sales pitches.

Timing and Frequency: Understanding the best time to send emails can vary by sector. For instance, B2B sectors like manufacturing or technology might see better engagement during business hours, whereas retail might benefit from weekend or evening emails.

A/B Testing: Regularly test different elements of your emails (like subject lines, email content, or call-to-actions) to see what resonates best with your audience in each sector.

Segmentation: Segment your email list based on factors like industry, company size, or position in the buying cycle. This allows for more targeted and relevant messaging.


Measuring the success of email marketing campaigns in various business sectors requires a deep understanding of each sector’s unique characteristics and customer behaviors. By focusing on key metrics like open rates, CTR, conversion rates, bounce rates, and ROI, and tailoring strategies to fit the specific needs of each sector on your business sectors list, you can significantly improve the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.

Remember, continuous testing and adaptation are key to staying relevant and achieving sustained success in your email marketing campaigns

Crafting Effective Email Marketing Call to Actions for Various Industries in the UK

Crafting Effective CTAs: General Guidelines

Regardless of the industry, some general guidelines apply when crafting effective CTAs for your email marketing campaigns:

Clarity: Your CTA should clearly state what you want the recipient to do. Whether it’s to “Buy Now,” “Learn More,” or “Sign Up,” the action should be clear and unambiguous.

Urgency: Creating a sense of urgency can encourage recipients to take action immediately. Phrases like “Limited Time Offer” or “Offer Ends Soon” can be effective.

Value Proposition: Your CTA should communicate the value or benefit the recipient will receive by taking the desired action. For example, “Save 20% Now” or “Get Your Free Trial.”

Design: The design of your CTA button should be eye-catching and stand out from the rest of the email content.

Tailoring CTAs for Specific Industries

Now, let’s look at how to tailor your CTAs for specific industries in the UK:

Finance: In the finance industry, trust and credibility are paramount. Your CTAs should reflect this. For example, “Download Our Free Financial Planning Guide” or “Schedule a No-Obligation Financial Consultation.”

Manufacturing: For the manufacturing industry, efficiency and quality are key. CTAs like “Request a Free Product Sample” or “Schedule a Factory Tour” can be effective.

Healthcare: In healthcare, empathy and care are crucial. CTAs like “Book a Health Check Today” or “Download Our Free Health Guide” can resonate with recipients.

Construction: For the construction industry, reliability and expertise are important. CTAs like “Request a Free Project Estimate” or “View Our Portfolio” can work well.

Retail: In retail, deals and exclusivity can drive action. CTAs like “Shop the Sale Now” or “Get Exclusive Access to New Arrivals” can be compelling.

Technology: For the tech industry, innovation and knowledge are key. CTAs like “Try Our Latest Software Free” or “Join Our Tech Webinar” can be effective.


Crafting effective email marketing CTAs for various industries in the UK requires an understanding of each industry’s unique needs and characteristics. By following the general guidelines and tailoring your CTAs to each industry, you can create compelling email marketing campaigns that drive action and deliver results. Remember, the goal is not just to sell your products or services, but to build lasting relationships with your customers across all industries in the UK.

Line of Sight: Mastering Compelling Subject Lines Across the List of UK Industry Sectors

Industry List

We’ve all been there – crafting that perfect email, only to get stuck when it’s time to write the subject line. It’s no secret that a compelling subject line can be the difference between an open or a delete, especially when you’re sending emails across a diverse list of UK industry sectors.

So, how can you ensure your subject lines are irresistible across various sectors? Let’s get into it.

Keep it Snappy

No one wants to read an essay in their inbox. Keep your subject lines short and sweet, ideally under 50 characters. This also ensures your entire subject line is visible on most devices.

Personalise, Personalise, Personalise content for your list of industries and sectors in the UK

If you know your recipient’s name or company, use it. Personalisation makes your email feel less like a mass message and more like a direct conversation.

Provide Value to Your List of Industries and sectors in the UK

Make the benefit clear in your subject line. What will the recipient gain by opening your email? This might look different for an email to the manufacturing sector versus the hospitality sector on your list of UK industry sectors.

Instil Urgency in your List of Industries and sectorsin the UK

Creating a sense of urgency can encourage recipients to open your email sooner. Use phrases like “limited time offer” or “last chance” to make your emails hard to resist.

Use Action Verbs

Start your subject line with a verb to make it more enticing. This inspires action and tells your reader what you want them to do.

Test, Test, and Test Again when email marketing to the Industry list in the UK.

What works for the healthcare sector may not work for the IT sector. Always test different subject lines to see what resonates with each industry on your list of UK industry sectors when email marketing to the industry list in the UK.

Be Consistent when email marketing to the Industry list in the UK.

Don’t mislead your readers with clickbait. Your email’s content should deliver what your subject line promises when email marketing to the list of industries in the UK

Here’s an example of how a subject line could vary by sector:

– Healthcare: “Save Lives with Our New AI Diagnostic Tool”
– Finance: “Increase Your ROI with Our Portfolio Management Platform”

Crafting compelling subject lines isn’t one-size-fits-all, especially when you’re dealing with a diverse list of UK industry sectors. But with these tips and a dash of creativity, you can pique interest and inspire opens.

Industries Sectors List

Invest in Success: Calculating the ROI of Your Email Campaign to a UK Businesses List

If you’ve been tasked with reaching out to a UK businesses list via email marketing, you’ve likely wondered about the return on investment (ROI) of your campaign. Well, you’re in the right place!

Calculating ROI is essential to understand how your efforts translate into business growth. Let’s dive in to understand how to calculate the ROI of your email marketing campaigns targeting a UK businesses list.

Understand Your Costs when marketing to the list of industries and sectors in the UK

First things first, you need to know your expenses. This includes the cost of acquiring or renting your UK businesses list, the time spent crafting emails, any associated software costs, and even the cost of your team’s time.

Industries in UK

Track Your Returns when marketing to the list of industries and sectors in the UK

Keep an eye on the income generated directly from your campaign. This might be through direct sales, but it could also be in the form of leads for your sales team to follow up on. Remember, not every return is immediately monetary when marketing to the list of industries in the UK.

Do the Math when marketing to the list of industries  and sectorsin the UK

The formula for calculating ROI is (Return – Cost)/Cost * 100%. Let’s say your campaign cost £2000, and it directly resulted in £8000 of sales. Your ROI would be (£8000 – £2000)/£2000 * 100% = 300%. That’s a pretty successful campaign! when marketing to the list of industries in the UK.

Segment Your Results when marketing to the list of industries in the UK

Segmentation is critical when you’re dealing with a broad UK businesses list. By analysing the ROI of different segments, you can better tailor future campaigns when marketing to the list of industries in the UK when marketing to the list of industries in the UK.

Learn and Adjust when marketing to the list of industries and sectorsin the UK

Once you’ve calculated your ROI, it’s time to apply that knowledge. If a campaign didn’t perform as well as expected, consider what can be adjusted – is it the message, the targeting, or perhaps the timing?

Calculating the ROI of your email marketing campaigns may seem daunting at first, but it’s an essential step in maximising the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. With a keen eye on costs, clear tracking of returns, and the willingness to learn and adapt, you can ensure your campaigns to your UK businesses list deliver the results you want when marketing to the list of industries and sectors in the UK.a

List of Business Industry

Segmenting Email Marketing Lists for Maximum Response Rates in UK Industries: Leveraging UK Industry Sectors by Size

Email marketing is a powerful tool for selling products and services, especially to specific audiences like UK industries. However, to maximise response rates, it’s crucial to segment your email marketing lists effectively. This part of the article will guide you on how to segment email marketing lists for UK industries and the role of understanding UK industry sectors by size in this process.

Segmenting Email Marketing Lists

Segmentation is the process of dividing your email marketing list into smaller groups based on specific criteria. Here’s how to segment your email marketing lists for UK industries:

By Industry Sector: Different industry sectors in UK have different needs and challenges. Segmenting your list by industry sector can help you tailor your content to these specific needs.

By Company Size: The size of a company can significantly impact its needs and challenges. Segmenting your list by company size, or UK industry sectors by size, allows you to target your content more effectively.

By Location: Segmenting by location allows you to tailor your content to the specific needs and interests of businesses in different regions or countries.

Integrating Email Marketing Campaigns with Other Channels for UK Industries: The Power of a List of Industry

In the modern marketing landscape, integrating your email marketing campaigns with other marketing channels is crucial for reaching your audience effectively. This is especially true when selling products and services to UK industries. This part of the article will guide you on how to integrate email marketing campaigns with other marketing channels for UK industries and the role of a comprehensive list of industry in this process.

Integrating Email Marketing Campaigns with Other Channels when emailing to the UK Industry Sector list

Integration is the process of combining your email marketing campaigns with other marketing channels to create a cohesive and effective marketing strategy. Here’s how to integrate your email marketing campaigns with other channels for UK industries:

Social Media: Share your email content on social media to reach a wider audience. You can also use social media to promote your email newsletters and encourage sign-ups.

List of UK Sectors

Website: Use your website to promote your email newsletters and encourage sign-ups. You can also use your email campaigns to drive traffic to your website.

Direct Mail: Combine your email marketing campaigns with direct mail for a multi-channel approach. For example, you can send a direct mail piece to follow up on an email, or vice versa.

Events: Use your email marketing campaigns to promote events, and use events to grow your email list when emailing to the UK Industry sectors list.

Mastering the Art of Email Marketing CTAs: A Guide for UK Industry Sectors List

In the realm of email marketing, your Call-to-Action (CTA) can be the make-or-break factor determining the success of your campaign. This is particularly true when your target audience is UK list of industrial companies, spanning a wide range of industry Business sectors in UK. A well-crafted CTA can encourage your recipients to take the desired action, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates. Let’s delve into the art of creating compelling CTAs for your UK industry sectors list.

Crafting Effective CTAs for UK Business Sectors

Clear and Actionable: The first rule of an effective CTA is clarity. The recipient should instantly understand what action you want them to take. Use active, concise language that leaves no room for confusion.

Personalise for Each Industry: When marketing to the list of industries and sectors in the UK, it’s crucial to tailor your CTA to each industry. A CTA that works for the healthcare sector might not resonate with recipients in the IT sector. Always consider the unique needs and interests of each sector.

Create Urgency: To spur your recipients into immediate action, create a sense of urgency in your CTAs. Phrases like “Limited Time Offer” or “Register Now” can motivate recipients to act promptly.

Stand Out: Your CTA needs to stand out visually within your email. Use contrasting colours, large fonts, or buttons to ensure your CTA catches the reader’s eye.

Position Wisely: The positioning of your CTA can impact its effectiveness. While it’s important to have a CTA towards the end of your email, you might also consider including one “above the fold”, so recipients can see it without scrolling.

Test and Refine: As with any aspect of email marketing, it’s essential to test your CTAs and refine them based on your results. Different audiences might respond to different language, design, or positioning, so be prepared to adjust as necessary.

The Impact of a Well-Crafted CTA

When you invest time in crafting effective CTAs, the benefits are manifold:

Increased Engagement: A clear, compelling CTA can significantly boost your click-through rates, leading to higher engagement with your emails.

Higher Conversion Rates: The ultimate goal of any CTA is to convert recipients into customers. By guiding them effectively towards your desired action, you can improve your conversion rates.

Enhanced User Experience: A well-designed CTA contributes to a positive user experience, helping recipients navigate your emails and your website with ease.


Crafting effective CTAs is an essential aspect of successful email marketing, especially when you are targeting a diverse UK industry sectors list. By ensuring your CTAs are clear, actionable, personalised, urgent, visually appealing, and well-positioned, you can significantly enhance your email marketing results.

Remember to continuously test and refine your CTAs based on your audience’s responses. With well-crafted CTAs, your email marketing can become a powerful tool for engagement and conversion.

The Art of Segmentation: Maximising Email Response Rates Across List of Industry Sectors in the UK

The success of email marketing is often determined by its relevance to the recipient. And when your target audience spans across a diverse list of industry sectors in the UK, relevance is achieved through effective segmentation. Segmenting your email list allows you to tailor your messages to suit the specific needs and interests of each sector, leading to higher response rates and better overall marketing outcomes.

Steps to Segment Your List of Industry Sectors in UK

Gather Data: The first step in segmentation is data collection. When businesses sign up for your email list, ask for essential information like their industry sector, business size, and primary challenges. Surveys, web analytics, and customer interactions can also provide useful data.

Define Your Segments: Once you have the necessary data, it’s time to divide your email list into segments. For a list of industry sectors UK, you might create segments like healthcare, IT, manufacturing, retail, etc. You could further sub-segment these categories based on factors like business size or location.

Tailor Your Content: With your segments in place, create tailored email content for each one. For instance, a technology company might be more interested in your latest software solution, while a retail business might prefer information about your new inventory management service.

Monitor and Adjust: Segmentation isn’t a one-time activity. Continually monitor your response rates, tweak your segments as needed, and adjust your content based on feedback and results.

Benefits of Segmenting Your List of Industry Sectors in UK

Increased Relevance: By tailoring your emails to each industry sector, you ensure that your content is highly relevant to the recipient, making it more likely that they’ll engage with your message.

Higher Response Rates: Research consistently shows that segmented email campaigns outperform their non-segmented counterparts in terms of open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: By receiving content that is specifically relevant to their needs, recipients are likely to have a more positive perception of your brand, leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.


In the world of B2B marketing, the “one-size-fits-all” approach seldom works. This is particularly true when dealing with a diverse list of industry sectors in UK. By segmenting your email list and tailoring your content to suit each segment, you can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your email marketing.

Not only will this improve your response rates, but it will also lead to a better relationship with your audience, setting the stage for long-term business success.

Business sector List

Telemarketing to a List of Industries sectors in the UK

Benefits of Telemarketing to Lists of UK Industries

In an increasingly interconnected world, businesses are constantly seeking effective strategies to reach out to their target audience. While digital marketing techniques have gained significant popularity, telemarketing continues to hold its ground as a powerful tool for businesses to connect with customers.

Despite its reputation for being intrusive, telemarketing offers numerous benefits that can positively impact businesses across various industries. In this part of the article, we will explore the advantages of telemarketing and why it remains a valuable asset for organisations in the digital era.

Personalised Communication when telemarketing to the UK Industry sectors list.

One of the most significant advantages of telemarketing is its ability to establish a direct and personalised connection with potential customers. Unlike digital marketing channels that rely on emails, ads, or social media posts, telemarketing allows for real-time conversations when marketing to the list of UK industries.

List of Industries in the UK

This personal touch enables telemarketers to tailor their messages according to the customer’s needs, answer questions immediately, and address concerns effectively. By engaging in two-way communication, telemarketing builds trust and rapport, enhancing the likelihood of conversions and customer satisfaction when telemarketing to the UK industry sectors list when telemarketing to the UK Industry sectors list.

Targeted Approach when telemarketing to the UK Industry sectors list.

Telemarketing enables businesses to reach a specific target audience with precision. With careful data analysis and segmentation, industrial sectors list can identify prospects who are most likely to be interested in their products or services. By focusing on a well-defined customer base, telemarketers can deliver tailored messages and offers that resonate with the recipient when marketing to the list of industrial businesses in the UK.

This targeted approach ensures that marketing efforts are not wasted on irrelevant leads, increasing conversion rates and maximising the return on investment (ROI) when telemarketing to the UK Industry sectors list.

Real-Time Feedback and Market Insights when telemarketing to the UK Industry sectors list.

Telemarketing provides businesses with invaluable real-time feedback and market insights. Through direct conversations with customers, telemarketers can gather information about their preferences, needs, and pain points. This feedback serves as a valuable resource for organisations to improve their products, services, and overall customer experience.

Additionally, telemarketing enables businesses to gain a deeper understanding of market trends, competitor activities, and emerging opportunities. Armed with these insights, list of industrial companies can make informed decisions and develop strategies that align with customer demands when marketing to the list of industrial businesses in the UK.

Increased Sales Conversion Rates when telemarketing to the list of industries and sectors in the UK

Telemarketing has proven to be highly effective in converting leads into sales. By engaging prospects in a personalised conversation, telemarketers can address objections, clarify doubts, and provide detailed information about products or services. This level of interaction allows potential customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Furthermore, telemarketing provides an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell relevant products, enhancing the average transaction value. When executed with professionalism and expertise, telemarketing can significantly boost sales conversion rates, leading to improved revenue generation.

Cost-Effectiveness when telemarketing to the UK Industry sectors list.

Contrary to popular belief, telemarketing can be a cost-effective marketing strategy. Compared to other marketing channels such as TV, radio, or print advertising, telemarketing offers a higher degree of control over expenses. By precisely targeting the desired audience, businesses can minimise wastage and allocate their resources efficiently.

Moreover, the ability to measure results in real-time allows organisations to optimise their telemarketing campaigns continuously. With the right training and infrastructure, telemarketing can deliver substantial results at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods when telemarketing to the list of industries in the UK when telemarketing to the UK industry sectors list.


While digital marketing continues to evolve and dominate the marketing landscape, telemarketing retains its significance as a powerful tool for businesses. Through personalised communication, targeted outreach, real-time feedback, increased conversion rates, and cost-effectiveness, telemarketing empowers organisations to connect with customers on a deeper level.

As technology advances, telemarketing techniques can be integrated with digital tools to create a comprehensive marketing strategy. By leveraging the benefits of telemarketing

Industries List UK

Ring Up Success: Telemarketing Best Practices Across Industries in the UK

Let’s chat about a classic, yet effective, strategy: telemarketing. It’s a direct way of reaching potential customers, and when done right, can drive impressive results across various industries in the UK.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your telemarketing efforts, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

Know Your Audience when Telemarketing to the UK Industries List

Telemarketing success starts with understanding your audience. Make sure you have detailed and up-to-date information about the industries in the UK you’re targeting. Personalised pitches go a long way when Telemarketing to the UK industries list.

Train Your Team when telemarketing to the UK Industry List

Invest in training your team. Not just in sales techniques, but also in product knowledge and communication skills. A well-prepared team is a successful team when telemarketing to the UK industry list.

Keep It Conversational with your Industry list in the UK

No one enjoys a robotic sales pitch. Encourage your team to keep conversations natural, engaging and to be responsive to the customer’s needs with your Industry list in the UK.

Be Clear and Concise when messaging your Industry list in the UK

The person on the other end of the line is likely busy, so get to the point. Clearly state the purpose of the call, the benefits of your product or service, and the next steps.

Follow the Law when telemarketing to the Industry list in the UK

Respect privacy laws and telemarketing regulations. This includes respecting the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) and the CTPS (Corporate Telephone Preference Service) registers in the UK when telemarketing to the UK industry list.

Measure and Improve when telemarketing to the UK Industry sectors list.

Monitor your telemarketing campaigns closely. Track metrics like call durations, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction to continually refine your approach when telemarketing to the UK industry list when telemarketing to the UK Industry sectors list.

Don’t Ignore the Follow-Up

A follow-up email or call can make all the difference. It shows the customer you’re serious about meeting their needs and gives you another chance to close the deal.

Telemarketing can be a powerful tool across various industries in the UK, but it’s all about your approach. By following these best practices, you can increase your chances of success and make your mark.

Sectors UK

Dialling into Success: How to Measure Results from Your Telemarketing Campaign for the List of Industries in the UK

Here, we’re talking about something critically important for every telemarketer: measuring campaign results. When you’re reaching out to the list of industries in the UK, it’s crucial to know what’s working, what isn’t, and what can be improved. So, how do we go about doing that? Let’s dial into the details.

Call Volume of the UK Industry sectors list

This is a basic but essential metric. It refers to the number of calls made by your team within a specific time frame. High call volumes may demonstrate a strong work ethic, but remember, it’s not just about quantity. Quality conversations that lead to conversions are equally, if not more, important.

Conversion Rate of the UK Industry sectors list

The conversion rate is the percentage of calls that achieve a particular goal or ‘conversion’. This could be a sale, an appointment set, a demo scheduled, or whatever counts as a successful outcome for your campaign. A high conversion rate typically signifies effective telemarketing strategies.

Business Sectors List

Cost Per Call (CPC) of the UK Industry sectors list

This metric can help you understand the efficiency of your campaign. To calculate CPC, divide the total cost of the campaign by the total number of calls made. Understanding your CPC can help you evaluate the financial viability of your telemarketing efforts.

Call Duration of the UK Industry sectors list

The length of each call can give you insight into the quality of your interactions. While longer calls may suggest more in-depth conversations, this is not always the case. Monitor this metric alongside others, like conversion rate, to get a fuller picture.

Contact Rate of the UK Industry sectors list

This metric shows the percentage of calls that successfully reach a decision-maker or influencer. If your contact rate is low, it may indicate that you need to refine your call times or improve your approach to gatekeepers.

Lead Rate of the UK Industry sectors list

The lead rate is the percentage of calls that result in a lead for further nurturing or a direct sale. It’s a crucial metric for understanding how many potential opportunities are coming out of your telemarketing efforts.

Call Abandonment Rate of the UK Industry sectors list

This refers to the number of calls that hang up before reaching an agent. High call abandonment rates can indicate dissatisfaction and potentially lost opportunities.

When you’re dialling into various industries across the UK, understanding these metrics can help you better navigate your campaign’s effectiveness and make necessary adjustments for improved outcomes.

Remember, successful telemarketing isn’t just about making calls; it’s about making connections and delivering value. By continually measuring and adjusting your campaign based on the data, you can ensure that your messages resonate with the list of industries in the UK, leading to better conversions and stronger relationships.

So, start measuring, and let your telemarketing campaign reach its full potential.

Business Industries list

Maximising Results by Following Up Telemarketing Campaigns: A Guide for Industries in the UK

Telemarketing remains a vital strategy for many industries in the UK. However, the initial call is just the beginning. Effective follow-up is the key to maximising results and turning potential leads into loyal customers. Here’s how to make the most of your telemarketing campaigns with a successful follow-up strategy, specifically tailored for a list of industries in the UK.

Document and Analyse the Initial Interaction when telemarketing to the list of Industries in the UK

Your telemarketing team should meticulously record details of the initial conversation with potential leads. Was the prospect interested? What were their objections? How did the call end? Understanding the nuances of the first interaction can tailor the follow-up approach to each individual lead when marketing to the list of industries in the UK.

Choose the Right Medium to engage your list of industries in the UK

A good follow-up strategy uses multiple channels. If the initial telemarketing call was promising, consider following up with an email, SMS, or even a direct mailer. For the list of industries in the UK, tailoring your medium to the specific industry listings communication preferences can enhance your follow-up’s effectiveness.

Personalise the Follow-Up to contacts on your list of industries in the UK

Each follow-up communication should be personalised based on the information gathered during the initial call. Address the lead by their name, reference the conversation, and offer solutions to their specific pain points. This personal touch can significantly increase the conversion rate for a wide range of industries in the UK.

Provide Value when telemarketing to the UK Industry sectors list.

Your follow-up should offer something of value to the prospect. It could be a piece of industry-specific content, an exclusive offer, or more information about how your product or service can solve their problems. Offering value not only fosters trust but also demonstrates your commitment to their needs when telemarketing to the UK Industry sectors list.

Time it Right

Timing is crucial when it comes to follow-ups. Strike while the iron is hot, but don’t be overbearing. Generally, the first follow-up should be within 24 to 48 hours after the initial call. Subsequent communications can be spaced further apart. This frequency can be optimised based on the lead’s interest and the norms within the list of industries in the UK.

Maintain Professionalism when telemarketing to the UK Industry sectors list.

All follow-up communications should uphold a professional tone. Ensure that your emails are well-written, free of typos, and present your business in the best possible light. Professionalism is paramount for cultivating credibility and trust, especially when dealing with a diverse list of industries in the UK when telemarketing to the UK Industry sectors list.

Test and Refine Your Approach when telemarketing to the UK Industries List

Like any marketing strategy, it’s essential to regularly test and refine your follow-up approach. A/B testing different follow-up tactics can provide valuable insights into what works best for your specific audience within the list of industries in the UK when telemarketing to the UK industries list.


Effective follow-up is integral to the success of any telemarketing campaign. By personalising your approach, providing value, and timing your communications effectively, you can maximise your results and forge strong relationships with your leads. By tailoring your strategies to suit the unique needs of your list of industries in the UK, you can ensure that your follow-up efforts are as effective as possible.

Calculating the ROI of Telemarketing Campaigns for UK Industries: A Deep Dive into the ‘List of Industries in the UK’

Steps to Calculate Telemarketing ROI for the UK Industries list

Consult the ‘List of Industries in the UK’: Familiarise yourself with the industries you’re targeting. Understand the average deal size, the sales cycle, and the potential barriers to sale within each sector.

Track Direct Revenue: Monitor the sales directly resulting from your telemarketing efforts. This includes immediate sales and those that occur within a specific tracking period post-call.

Monitor Ancillary Benefits: Not all ROI is immediate revenue. Perhaps your telemarketing campaign opened the door for a face-to-face meeting, a product demo, or a subscription to your newsletter. These actions have future revenue potential and should be considered when evaluating ROI.

Subtract Costs: Deduct all associated costs of the campaign. This includes the operational costs, the wages for telemarketers, training costs, and any additional overheads.

Segment by Industry: Utilise the ‘List of Industries in the UK’ to segment your ROI. By understanding which Business sectors in UK are yielding higher returns, businesses can tailor future campaigns more effectively.

Continuous Analysis: Industries evolve, and so do their response rates to telemarketing. Regularly referring to an updated ‘List of Industries in the UK’ can offer insights into any shifts or emergent trends, enabling businesses to pivot their telemarketing strategies accordingly.

Enhancing ROI when telemarketing to the UK Industries List

Post-calculation, if the ROI isn’t up to expectations, consider these strategies:

  • Tailored Pitches: Using insights from the ‘List of Industries in the UK’, customise the telemarketing pitch to address the unique needs and pain points of each sector.
  • Training & Development: Continuously train your telemarketing team on the nuances of each industry to enhance their efficacy.
  • Test and Refine: Implement A/B testing on pitches, call timings, or follow-up strategies to determine what maximises engagement and conversions.


Measuring the ROI of telemarketing campaigns targeting UK industries requires a blend of strategic data analysis and industry-specific knowledge. The ‘List of Industries in the UK’ serves as an invaluable tool in this quest, offering businesses the insights they need to tailor their approach and maximise their returns. In the dynamic world of telemarketing, staying informed and agile ensures not just immediate profits but long-term success.

List of UK Industries

Navigating Gatekeepers in Telemarketing: A Guide for Targeting the List of Industries in the UK

Telemarketing remains a powerful tool for businesses aiming to expand their reach, especially when targeting a diverse market like the UK. However, one of the most significant challenges telemarketers face is the gatekeeper – the individual who stands between you and the decision-maker. Whether you’re targeting the finance sector, manufacturing, or any other from the list of industries in the UK, getting past the gatekeeper is crucial. Here’s how to do it effectively:

Understand the UK Industry Landscape

Before you even pick up the phone, familiarise yourself with the list of industries in the UK. Knowing the nuances, challenges, and opportunities of each sector will not only help you converse with decision-makers but also build rapport with gatekeepers.

Professionalism is Key

Gatekeepers meet salespeople all the time. What will set you apart is your professionalism. Always be respectful, patient, and courteous. Remember, the gatekeeper is just doing their job.

Craft a Compelling Pitch

Gatekeepers are trained to filter out irrelevant calls. Ensure your pitch is clear, concise, and tailored to the specific industry from the list of industries in the UK that you’re targeting.

Timing Matters

Avoid peak business hours. Early mornings, lunch breaks, or late afternoons might be more effective times to reach out. Moreover, mid-week days tend to be less hectic than Mondays or Fridays.

Leverage Referrals

If you have contacts within the list of industries in the UK, use them. Dropping a familiar name or having a mutual contact can often be your ticket past the gatekeeper.

Engage, Don’t Evade

Instead of trying to evade the gatekeeper, engage them. Ask for their help or advice on the best time or person to speak to. Making them an ally can be more beneficial than viewing them as an obstacle.

Diversify Your Approach

If phone calls aren’t working, consider other channels. Engage potential leads on platforms like LinkedIn, or craft compelling email campaigns. These can serve as introductions before you make the call.

Offer Immediate Value

Whether it’s a special discount, a free trial, or industry insights, offer something that captures interest right away. When you provide value upfront, you’re more likely to be connected to the decision-maker.

Stay Updated

The list of industries in the UK is vast and dynamic. Regularly update yourself with industry listing news and trends. This not only helps in your pitch but also showcases your genuine interest in the industry listing.

Persistence Pays Off

Rejections are part and parcel of telemarketing. Don’t be disheartened. It might take multiple attempts and varied strategies to get through. Stay persistent, and always learn from each call.

Conclusion Successfully navigating past gatekeepers is a blend of art and strategy. With the right approach, knowledge of the list of industries in the UK, and a commitment to offering genuine value, telemarketers can enhance their success rate and foster meaningful connections within the UK’s industrial sectors.

Industry Listing

Direct Mail Marketing to list of Industries in the UK

Industrial Business List

The Benefits of Direct Mail Campaigns in the Age of Digital: Harnessing the Power of Lists of Emails

List of Industries Sectors

In today’s digital-centric world, it might come as a surprise to many that traditional direct mail campaigns still hold significant power, especially when selling to industries. Even in an era dominated by digital communication, there’s an inherent value in holding a physical piece of mail. However, to truly harness the potential of direct mail campaigns, it’s essential to integrate them with digital assets, notably, lists of emails. In this article, we explore the benefits of such campaigns and how to optimize them for maximum impact.

High Engagement Rates One of the key benefits of direct mail is the engagement level it offers. People still check their mailboxes daily, and a well-designed mail piece stands out. When paired with lists of emails, follow-up messages can be sent, ensuring the message is reinforced and leading to higher conversion rates.

Industry Lists

Tactile Experience A physical piece of mail offers a tactile experience that digital media simply cannot replicate. This tangible aspect can create a lasting impression, especially when the design and material quality resonate with the target audience.

Personal Touch While emails can also be personalized, direct mail, especially when combined with insights from lists of emails, offers a unique personal touch. This tailored approach makes recipients feel valued, further enhancing the chances of a successful conversion.

Integration with Digital Assets Direct mail campaigns are no longer standalone. By leveraging lists of emails, businesses can bridge the gap between offline and online marketing. For example, a QR code on a mailer that leads to an exclusive online offer can encourage online engagement.

Less Competition With many businesses focusing solely on digital marketing, there’s less competition in the mailbox. This can allow your message to stand out, making it more likely to be seen and acted upon.

Trust Factor Due to the rampant increase in email scams and phishing attempts, some recipients are wary of emails from unknown senders. Direct mail does not usually have this trust barrier, allowing for a more direct line of communication.

Targeted Campaigns Using lists of emails, businesses can segment their audience more effectively. Pairing this with direct mail means messages can be tailored to specific Business sectors in UK, industries, or demographics, increasing relevancy and potential impact.

Measurable Results Contrary to popular belief, direct mail campaigns, especially those integrated with digital strategies like lists of emails, can provide measurable results. Trackable phone numbers, unique URLs, and QR codes can offer insights into engagement and conversion metrics.

List of Industry Sectors UK

Versatility Direct mail can be designed in various formats, from postcards and brochures to catalogs. Depending on the product or service and the target industry, businesses can choose the format that best delivers their message.

Longevity Emails can easily be deleted or lost in cluttered inboxes. However, a well-crafted direct mail piece might stay on a recipient’s desk or bulletin board for days, weeks, or even months, serving as a constant reminder of the offer or message.

Conclusion While the digital revolution has transformed the way businesses communicate with their target industries, the power of traditional marketing methods, like direct mail, remains undeniable. By leveraging and integrating lists of emails into their direct mail strategies, businesses can create comprehensive, multi-touch campaigns that resonate with their audience, build trust, and drive conversions.

Name of Industries

Direct Mail Best Practices in Industrial Marketing: Integrating Lists of Emails Effectively

In the vast landscape of marketing strategies, direct mail has always held a niche, especially when targeting specific industries. Even in our digital age, a synergistic approach, which marries the tangibility of direct mail with the efficiency of lists of emails, can produce impressive results. In this article, we’ll explore the best practices for executing a direct mail campaign aimed at industries and how the integration of lists of emails can magnify its impact.

Understand Your Audience Before initiating any direct mail campaign, it’s imperative to comprehend your target industry’s unique needs and challenges. Using lists of emails can offer insights into potential leads, their roles within their organizations, and their prior interactions with your business.

Tailor the Message Industries have specific pain points and requirements. Ensure your message addresses these needs. A generic approach might be overlooked, but a tailored message, based on insights from lists of emails, will resonate more deeply.

Create a Memorable Design Your direct mail piece should be visually appealing. Remember, this might be the first impression your business makes, so ensure it’s impactful. Use high-quality graphics, coherent color schemes, and a design that aligns with the industry you’re targeting.

Integrate Digital Touchpoints Use QR codes, unique URLs, or scannable coupons that lead recipients from the physical mail to your digital platforms. This blending of offline and online via lists of emails ensures that you cater to various audience preferences.

Segment Your Lists of Emails Not all contacts in your lists of emails will have the same requirements. Segmenting based on industry, job role, or past interactions can help you send tailored direct mail pieces that speak directly to the recipient’s needs.

Personalization is Key Just as with email marketing, personalization in direct mail can significantly enhance engagement. Address the recipient by name, reference any past interactions, and ensure the content feels personalized, based on insights drawn from your lists of emails.

Craft a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA) Your direct mail should have a purpose. Whether it’s directing recipients to a webinar, offering a product discount, or prompting a call, ensure your CTA is concise and compelling.

Track and Measure Incorporate methods to track the efficacy of your campaign. Whether through tracking phone numbers, unique website visits, or redeemed coupons, it’s essential to understand what’s working and what isn’t.

Follow Up Digitally Once your direct mail has been sent, utilize your lists of emails for a follow-up digital campaign. This could be in the form of a reminder, additional information, or a complementary offer.

Ensure Quality Over Quantity Rather than sending out mass mailers to every contact, focus on the quality of your recipients. Utilize your lists of emails to identify key decision-makers or those who have shown prior interest in your offerings.

Keep Content Relevant and Fresh Avoid repetitive content. If you’re reaching out to the same industries or contacts multiple times, ensure each interaction offers something new or presents information in a fresh light.

Industries and Sectors List

Conclusion Direct mail, when executed with precision and integrated with digital strategies such as lists of emails, can be a potent tool in your industrial marketing arsenal. By ensuring relevancy, personalization, and clear CTAs, and by leveraging the insights from your email lists, you can create a campaign that resonates deeply with your target industries, driving engagement and conversions.

List of Business Sectors

Measuring the Impact of Direct Mail Campaigns: A Guide for Business Sectors List Engagement

In the modern marketing landscape, the ability to accurately measure the success of campaigns is invaluable. This is especially true for direct mail campaigns targeting specific industries. However, even though direct mail is a traditional form of marketing, there are effective ways to gauge its impact, particularly when targeting a specific business sectors list. Let’s delve into the strategies to measure the results of a direct mail campaign tailored for various industries.

Establish Clear Objectives Before sending out your direct mail, define what success looks like. Are you aiming for increased website traffic, more inquiries, or direct sales? By setting clear objectives in line with your business sectors list, you can create a baseline to measure against.

Use Unique URLs Create campaign-specific landing pages and mention their unique URLs in your direct mail. By monitoring the traffic to these pages, you can gauge the interest generated by your mail campaign.

Implement QR Codes With many professionals using mobile devices, integrating QR codes that lead to specific online content can provide measurable engagement metrics, especially when targeting a business sectors list.

Coupon Codes Offering industry-specific discounts or promotions via unique coupon codes can be an effective way to measure engagement. By tracking the redemption of these codes, you can determine the direct mail’s effectiveness for each sector.

Monitor Inbound Inquiries If your direct mail encourages recipients to contact you via phone or email, monitor these channels. Track any spikes in inquiries or mentions of the direct mail offer.

Survey Your Audience After sending out your direct mail campaign to your business sectors list, consider sending a digital survey asking about their reception of the mail. This can provide insights into the campaign’s effectiveness and areas of improvement.

Track Sales Metrics Monitor sales before, during, and after the direct mail campaign. Any noticeable increase in sales, especially from industries targeted in your business sectors list, can be attributed in part to your campaign.

Cost-Per-Lead and Cost-Per-Sale Calculate the cost of acquiring a lead or making a sale from your direct mail campaign. By comparing these figures to other marketing efforts, you can assess the cost-effectiveness of your campaign.

ROI Calculation Ultimately, the return on investment (ROI) will provide a clear picture of your campaign’s success. Deduct the campaign cost from the sales generated, then divide by the campaign cost. A positive ROI indicates a successful campaign.

Feedback from Sales Teams Engage with your sales teams for feedback. They can provide insights into the quality of leads generated from the campaign and their interactions with those who received the direct mail.

Update and Refine Your Business Sectors List Based on the results, refine your business sectors list. Removing non-responsive sectors or adding new potential industries can enhance the efficacy of future campaigns.

Conclusion While direct mail is a traditional marketing method, its impact, especially when targeting specific industries using a business sectors list, is tangible and measurable. By integrating both offline and online strategies and closely monitoring various metrics, businesses can not only gauge the success of their direct mail campaigns but also refine their approach for even greater results in the future.

Calculating the ROI of Direct Mail Campaigns: A Guide for Targeting Business Sectors List

The Return on Investment (ROI) is a paramount metric that businesses rely on to determine the efficacy of their marketing strategies. When executing direct mail campaigns tailored to a business sectors list, understanding the ROI becomes even more critical, ensuring that efforts targeted towards specific industries are indeed profitable. In this guide, we’ll discuss the steps to accurately calculate the ROI of your direct mail campaigns aimed at diverse industries.

Understand the ROI Formula First and foremost, one must grasp the fundamental formula for ROI: ROI=Net Profit from Campaign−Cost of CampaignCost of Campaign×100%

Calculate the Total Cost of the Campaign Before understanding the profit, pinpoint all costs associated with the campaign:

  • Design Costs: Fees associated with graphic designers or the design team.
  • Printing Costs: The expenses incurred for printing the mailers.
  • Mailing Costs: This includes postage and any handling fees.
  • List Acquisition: If you’ve purchased or rented a business sectors list, include this cost.
  • Additional Costs: Other costs might include special inclusions like samples or brochures.

List of UK Industries

Determine the Gross Profit from the Campaign Now, track the sales generated as a direct result of the campaign:

  • Direct Sales: These can be traced through unique promo codes, QR codes, or specific landing pages mentioned in your mailers.
  • Indirect Sales: These sales may come from word of mouth or referrals but originated from the initial direct mail.

Net Profit From the gross profit, subtract any additional costs related to the product or service being sold. This gives you the net profit: Net Profit=Gross Profit−Cost of Goods Sold or Service Rendered

Plug into the ROI Formula Using the numbers from the above steps, apply the values to the ROI formula to calculate your direct mail campaign’s ROI.

Segment by Business Sectors For those utilizing a business sectors list, it’s beneficial to segment the ROI. This means calculating separate ROIs for each industry or sector targeted. By doing so, you’ll understand which sectors responded best to your campaign, enabling better targeting in future campaigns.

Compare with Other Marketing Efforts To genuinely appreciate the value derived from the direct mail campaign, compare its ROI with other ongoing or past marketing strategies. This comparative analysis can provide insights into where direct mail stands in the hierarchy of effective strategies for your business.

Continuous Evaluation ROI shouldn’t be a one-time calculation. Continuously measure and evaluate the ROI of your campaigns, especially when targeting diverse Business sectors in UK using a business sectors in UK list. This ongoing assessment will help in refining strategies and maximizing returns.

Conclusion Calculating the ROI of direct mail camresponpaigns, especially those tailored for a business sectors list, provides invaluable insights into the campaign’s success and the responsiveness of different industries. This understanding not only justifies the marketing spend but also offers data-driven insights for future strategic decisions, ensuring that businesses can continually refine their approach for optimum impact in their target sectors.

List of Industry

Direct Mail Design Best Practices for Targeting Business Industries: Leveraging the “List of Business Industries” for Maximum Impact

Direct mail remains a compelling tool in a marketer’s toolkit, even in our increasingly digital age. When trying to sell products and services to various industries, tailoring the design of your direct mail can make a huge difference in engagement and conversion. Using a comprehensive list of business industries can help streamline this process. In this article, we’ll delve into the best practices to ensure your direct mail design speaks effectively to different industries.

Segment Using a List of Business Industries

Before starting with design specifics, use a list of business industries to segment your target audience. Different industries have distinct pain points, objectives, and aesthetics. By segmenting, you can ensure a more personalised and effective design for each.

Clear and Engaging Headlines

No matter the industry, the headline of your direct mail should capture attention immediately. Ensure it speaks directly to the primary concerns or interests of the specific industry you’re targeting.

High-Quality Imagery

A picture speaks a thousand words. Using high-quality images relevant to the industry in focus can create instant resonance. If targeting the healthcare sector, for instance, imagery of medical professionals or advanced equipment would be apt.

Tailor the Content

Dive deeper into the list of business industries and understand each industry’s nuances. Adjust the content of your direct mail to address specific challenges, trends, or opportunities within that sector.

Maintain Brand Consistency

While tailoring designs for different industries, ensure brand elements like logos, colours, and fonts remain consistent. This ensures recognisability and trustworthiness, regardless of the industry.

Use Industry-Specific Language

Each industry often has its jargon or terminologies. Incorporating industry-specific language (without overdoing it) can enhance the credibility of your message.

Include Testimonials or Case Studies

Highlighting success stories or testimonials from reputable list of industrial companies within the target industry can enhance your mail’s authenticity and effectiveness.

Intuitive Layout and Flow

Design your mailer such that the flow of information is logical and intuitive. The reader should be effortlessly guided from the headline, through the content, to the call-to-action.

Strong Call-to-Action (CTA)

The CTA should be clear, compelling, and relevant to the industry. For instance, if targeting the tech sector from your list of business industries, a CTA inviting them to a tech expo or webinar might be enticing.

Use QR Codes for Digital Integration

Bridge the gap between traditional and digital by including QR codes. When scanned, these can direct the reader to industry-specific landing pages, product demos, or further resources.

Test and Iterate

Lastly, it’s essential to test various designs on a smaller scale before a full-blown campaign. This allows you to gauge which design elements resonate most with different industries.


Tailoring direct mail designs based on a list of business industries can drastically improve engagement and conversion rates. By understanding the unique facets of each industry and incorporating these insights into the design and content, marketers can create direct mail pieces that resonate deeply and drive action.

Other Services

Database Cleansing

One of the main responses we get from prospective clients is…

“We have been in business for x number of years and have a great database already”.

That is great news for us because we can help make it even better!

We can complete incomplete records, correct spelling errors, reformat addresses, remove obsolete data, improve legality.

Data decays annually and it is essential to maintain the accuracy of your existing database.

By using this very simple yet highly effective service we can save you money, increase responsiveness and importantly ensure legality.

Nothing breeds confidence in your campaigns more than having a clean and responsive database that generates leads.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your existing database even better.

Database Enrichment

Our data experts can drill down into your current database to identify your customers and find more of them.

We can give you a detailed description of their key attributes by location, size, and sector.

By going through this process we can save you money, generate customer profiles and create new matched contacts.

We take all the passion we have for data and apply it to your existing customer database to find more of the businesses that you could be working with.

Call us today to find out how our data experts can transform the way you buy data.

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