How Many Barbers in the UK?

How Many Barbers in the UK?

How Many Barbers in the UK?

There are 19,404 Barbers in the UK as of 2023*


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Table of contents:

    Marketing to Barbers: Strategies for Success

    In the dynamic world of haircare and grooming, barbers represent a unique and influential market segment. As the number of barbershops in the UK stands at approximately 19,000, with the broader hair and beauty industry generating a turnover of £4.6 billion, targeting this niche effectively can lead to substantial business opportunities. This article explores the key strategies and considerations for marketing to barbers, ensuring your products or services resonate with this distinct audience.

    Understanding the Barber Market

    First and foremost, understanding the barber market is crucial. Barbershops are more than just places for haircuts; they are community hubs, trendsetters, and often, local landmarks. The barbers themselves are skilled craftsmen and women who value quality, precision, and innovation in their tools and products.

    Key Characteristics:

    • Appreciation for High-Quality Tools: Barbers prioritise quality and durability in their equipment.
    • Trend Awareness: Staying current with trends is vital for barbers to attract and retain clients.
    • Community-Oriented: Many barbershops are integral parts of their local communities.

    Marketing Strategies

    1. Tailored Product Offerings

    Your products or services should meet the specific needs of barbers. This might include high-quality grooming products, durable equipment, or innovative haircare solutions. Offering products that stand out in terms of quality and functionality can quickly grab a barber’s attention.

    2. Building Relationships

    Establishing strong relationships is key. Participating in barbering events, sponsoring local competitions, or offering workshops can help in building a network within the barber community. Personal interactions go a long way in this industry.

    3. Leveraging Social Media and Influencer Partnerships

    Social media, particularly platforms like Instagram, is a powerful tool for reaching barbers. Collaborating with barber influencers or featuring your products in popular barbering posts can significantly enhance visibility and credibility.

    4. Focusing on Education and Added Value

    Providing educational content such as styling tips, product usage guides, or industry insights can position your brand as a valuable resource. Barbers appreciate learning about new techniques or products that can enhance their craft.

    5. Offering Customised Promotions

    Tailored promotions, such as discounts on bulk purchases or loyalty programs, can be effective. Given the small size of most barbershops, these personalized deals can be particularly appealing.

    Challenges and Solutions

    Adapting to Industry Trends

    The barbering industry is continually evolving. Staying abreast of the latest trends and adapting your marketing strategies accordingly is crucial. Regular industry research and feedback from barber clients can guide these efforts.

    Overcoming Market Saturation

    The market for barbering products can be competitive. Differentiating your brand through unique selling points, exceptional customer service, and a strong brand story is essential.


    Successfully marketing to barbers requires a blend of targeted strategies, genuine relationships, and an in-depth understanding of their needs and preferences. By focusing on quality, education, community engagement, and effective use of digital platforms, businesses can create meaningful connections with this niche market, leading to sustained growth and success in the vibrant world of barbering.


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