Hi Tech Companies Database

Hi Tech Companies Database

Our Hi Tech Companies Database is used to generate leads and new business by companies looking to advertise their services directly to principal contacts within hi tech companies.

The Hi Tech Companies Database provides a fantastic platform from which to launch targeted email campaigns to generate new business.

Where does the Hi Tech Companies Database originate?

We work with the UK’s leading data aggregator who have been voted b2b data supplier of the year for a record five times.

Established for over thirty years, they take the very best parts of the top five data houses in the UK to compile their master file of over 3.25 million records, which we supply from.

How many records does the Hi Tech Companies Database contain?

At the time of writing (we operate from a live database)…

The Hi Tech Companies Database contains contact information for 133,932 contacts within Hi Tech Companies across the UK.

What does a record on our Hi Tech Companies Database contain?

Each record can come complete with:

  • Company name
  • Full postal address
  • Contact name
  • Direct email address (31,973 records)
  • TPS checked telephone number (53,536 records)
  • Industry sector
  • Number of employees
  • Company turnover

Can the Hi Tech Companies Database be filtered?

Absolutely. We understand that no two customers the same and encourage each to discuss their individual needs with us.

Our consultants are more than happy to talk you through we can go about making this meet your specific markets, exactly.

How accurate is the Hi Tech Companies Database?

Every file we supply is also guaranteed accurate to industry high standards:

  • 98% postal address accuracy
  • 90% telephone number and contact name accuracy
  • 90% email address accuracy

Should we fall below any of these minimum accuracy guarantees we are obliged to provide you with a like for like replacement or pro-rata refund.

This gives our clients total peace of mind when purchasing from us.

Is the Hi Tech Companies Database GDPR Compliant?

Compliance is something that we place massive importance on. We wouldn’t be able to stand by our company ethos of only supplying the best b2b data available if we didn’t.

As such, we have dedicated a full page on our website for full details on GDPR compliancy and buying third party b2b databases.

If you have any concerns with regards the compliancy of our Hi Tech Companies Database or any of our b2b data solutions, feel free to call us on 0191 406 6399 and speak to us directly.

What licence terms are offered on the Hi Tech Companies Database?

All our b2b data is made available on a 12 month multi-use licence which means you can use it as much as you like.

What format does the the Hi Tech Companies Database come in?

Our b2b data is sent you via secure email transfer in either Excel or .csv format.

What else can the Hi Tech Companies Database come with?

You can choose to purchase the Hi Tech Companies Database on its own, if you already have email marketing covered.

If you don’t, the next part of the package is supplying you with a mechanism for reaching out to these chosen contacts.

We supply a bespoke HTML email design, that covers all your selling messages and corporate branding.

It follows all the golden rules of email marketing and very importantly, the legalities.

Its designed to contain a strong call to action to encourage recipients to pick up the phone and give you a call or to drive traffic to your website.

Once the design is completed and signed off, we then move on to the final part of the package which is a fully managed email marketing campaign.

As part of this package we will run three managed broadcasts.

So, once a month for the next three months we will deliver your message to these recipients and encourage them to contact you.

Prior to each broadcast, our team will discuss subject line, campaign timing and strategy, as well as share best practices.

Following each broadcast, we will supply you with an open and click thru analysis report which will allow you to follow up on these broadcasts.

Hi-Tech Companies Database

Marketing to Hi-Tech Companies

Navigating Challenges: Marketing Products and Services to Hi-Tech Companies

Rapid Technological Changes

Hi-tech companies operate in an environment of constant innovation and technological advancement. Keeping up with the latest trends, updates, and breakthroughs is crucial. However, this rapid pace can make it challenging for marketers to position their products and services as relevant solutions amidst ever-changing technologies.

Complex Decision-Making Processes

The decision-making processes in hi-tech companies often involve multiple stakeholders, including engineers, IT teams, executives, and procurement specialists. Aligning your marketing message with the diverse interests and concerns of these stakeholders requires a comprehensive understanding of their roles and priorities.

Technical Jargon and Communication

The hi-tech industry is notorious for its intricate technical language and terminology. Effective communication becomes a challenge when trying to convey complex solutions in a way that is understandable and compelling to non-technical decision-makers.

Market Saturation

The hi-tech market is highly competitive, with numerous companies vying for attention and market share. Standing out in a crowded field requires a distinct value proposition and a well-crafted marketing strategy that sets your products and services apart.

Evolving Customer Needs

As technology evolves, so do customer needs and preferences. Understanding the evolving pain points and demands of hi-tech companies is essential to tailor your offerings to their current challenges.

Short Product Lifecycles

Products and solutions in the hi-tech industry often have short lifecycles due to rapid advancements. This poses a challenge when marketing, as the window of opportunity to promote and sell your offerings may be limited.

Data Privacy and Security Concerns

In an era of increasing data breaches and cybersecurity threats, hi-tech companies prioritize data privacy and security. Marketing products and services must address these concerns by demonstrating robust security measures and compliance with industry standards.

Strategies to Overcome Challenges

In-Depth Market Research: Conduct thorough market research to understand the specific needs, pain points, and priorities of hi-tech companies. This information will help you tailor your marketing efforts effectively.

Clear Value Proposition: Develop a clear and compelling value proposition that highlights how your products or services address specific challenges and provide unique advantages to hi-tech companies.

Educational Content: Create educational content that simplifies technical concepts and presents them in a relatable manner. This helps bridge the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Segmentation: Segment your target audience based on roles, industries, and pain points. This allows you to tailor your marketing messages and campaigns to resonate with each group.

Thought Leadership: Position your brand as a thought leader by sharing insights and trends within the hi-tech industry. This builds credibility and attracts the attention of industry professionals.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Collaborate with influencers, industry experts, and complementary companies to expand your reach and credibility within the hi-tech sector.

Customized Solutions: Offer customizable solutions that allow hi-tech companies to adapt your products or services to their specific requirements and challenges.


Marketing products and services to hi-tech companies requires a strategic approach that takes into account the industry’s unique challenges. By staying informed about technological advancements, communicating effectively across technical and non-technical audiences, and offering tailored solutions, you can successfully navigate these challenges and create impactful marketing campaigns that resonate with hi-tech companies’ needs and priorities.

Creating Irresistible Value Propositions for Promoting Products and Services to Hi-Tech Companies

Strategies for Crafting Compelling Value Propositions:

Identify Key Pain Points

Begin by understanding the pain points and challenges faced by hi-tech companies. This could range from staying current with technological trends to streamlining processes. Tailor your value proposition to address these specific pain points directly.

Quantify Benefits

Quantifiable benefits stand out. Use data, statistics, or case studies to demonstrate how your products or services can improve their efficiency, reduce costs, increase ROI, or enhance their competitive edge.

Highlight Innovation

Hi-tech companies thrive on innovation. Showcase how your offerings leverage cutting-edge technology, trends, or methodologies to provide them with a competitive advantage that aligns with their forward-looking approach.

Offer Solutions, Not Just Products

Shift the focus from features to solutions. Explain how your products or services provide holistic solutions to their challenges, offering end-to-end benefits that address multiple pain points.

Tailor to Industry Needs

Utilize insights from the “Hi-Tech Companies Database” to personalize your value proposition. Highlight how your offerings align with their specific industry needs, showing that you understand their niche.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Determine what sets you apart from competitors and weave it into your value proposition. Whether it’s a proprietary technology, exceptional customer service, or unmatched expertise, highlight your unique strengths.

Simplicity and Clarity

Ensure your value proposition is concise and easy to understand. Hi-tech professionals appreciate clear, straightforward messaging that gets to the heart of what you offer.

Emphasize Time-Saving

Time is precious in the hi-tech world. If your products or services can save time, streamline processes, or accelerate outcomes, make this a prominent part of your value proposition.

Leveraging the “Hi-Tech Companies Database”

An accurate and well-maintained “Hi-Tech Companies Database” can be a treasure trove of insights. Utilize this database to segment your target audience, understand their specific needs, and tailor your value propositions accordingly.

Example Value Propositions

  1. “Empower Your Hi-Tech Ventures with Cutting-Edge Solutions for Streamlined Operations and Unmatched Efficiency.”
  2. “Stay Ahead in the Tech Race with Innovative Tools Tailored to Your Hi-Tech Company’s Needs.”
  3. “Revolutionize Your Processes with Next-Gen Products, Backed by Data-Driven Results.”
  4. “Unlock the Future of Hi-Tech Excellence with Our Solutions Engineered to Elevate Your Innovations.”


Crafting compelling value propositions for hi-tech companies requires a deep understanding of their industry, challenges, and aspirations. By quantifying benefits, emphasizing innovation, and personalizing solutions based on insights from a “Hi-Tech Companies Database,” you can create value propositions that resonate with their needs and convince them that your products and services are indispensable assets for their technological journey.

Hi-Tech Companies Database

Email Marketing to Hi-Tech Companies

How much does the Hi-Tech Companies Database cost?

The answer is…

It depends!

Like most things, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets.

Give us a call today and we will craft a totally bespoke for you.

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Other Services

Database Cleansing

One of the main responses we get from prospective clients is…

“We have been in business for x number of years and have a great database already”.

That is great news for us because we can help make it even better!

We can complete incomplete records, correct spelling errors, reformat addresses, remove obsolete data, improve legality.

Data decays annually and it is essential to maintain the accuracy of your existing database.

By using this very simple yet highly effective service we can save you money, increase responsiveness and importantly ensure legality.

Nothing breeds confidence in your campaigns more than having a clean and responsive database that generates leads.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your existing database even better.

Database Enrichment

Our data experts can drill down into your current database to identify your customers and find more of them.

We can give you a detailed description of their key attributes by location, size, and sector.

By going through this process we can save you money, generate customer profiles and create new matched contacts.

We take all the passion we have for data and apply it to your existing customer database to find more of the businesses that you could be working with.

Call us today to find out how our data experts can transform the way you buy data.

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Who are we?

Providing b2b database solutions is our passion.

Offering a consultancy service prior to purchase, our advisors always aim to supply a database that meets your specific marketing needs, exactly.

A good quality b2b database is the heartbeat of any direct marketing campaign…

It makes sense to ensure you have access to the best!

Call us today on 0191 406 6399 to discuss your specific needs.

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