What is a telemarketing list?

What is a telemarketing list?

As a group, Results Driven Marketing wants to share information about the different kinds of lists available to marketers and salespeople, and we wanted this particular article to discuss what is a telemarketing list?

A telemarketing list is collection of information, gathered or purchased for the specific reason of having an individual or individuals call through to advertise specific products or services to a targeted group of recipients, with the intended outcome of either directly selling, lead generation or appointment setting. Key information included usually revolves around company name, postal address, CTPS checked telephone number and a contact name.

Why use telemarketing lists?

The worth of a good telemarketing list cannot be understated. It allows a telemarketer to get on with what they are good at. Talking to prospects!

If you are working with a list supplier, you can do all the prospecting leg work in advance which saves the telemarketer from doing that work themselves and frees them up to spend that time saved to be doing what you need them to be doing.

Telemarketing lists can be readily purchased and there are a lot of good suppliers our there. They will work with you to drill down into their wider databases to create a totally bespoke telemarketing list chosen by location, sector, number of employees, company turnover and job titles.

This means that you can simply provide a telemarketer with a complete list of targets for them to engage with and put calls into.

Telemarketing lists can be checked against the CTPS (Corporate Telephone Preference Service) to ensure compliance.

How to clean telemarketing lists as you use them?

Keeping your telemarketing lists up to date is crucial to their ongoing value to your sales and marketing processes.

The individuals calling the data should be tasked with looking out for any duplicate entries first and foremost. You might think you are working with a much larger file than you actually have if there are numerous duplicates within it.

They should also be interested in maintaining the information contained in a couple of ways. Firstly, it’s always a good idea for them to keep an eye out for any spelling mistakes and typo’s, especially where names are concerned. You might want to run follow up email or direct mail campaigns to the list. No one likes having their name spelt incorrectly and a telemarketer with their eye on the ball can avoid this embarrassment.

Secondly, they can be tasked with updating incorrect information. Data rapidly decays, many of our clients are shocked by just how much and how quickly. While company names and addresses rarely change, the decision makers on your telemarketing list do, all the time.

Updating telephone numbers and contact information is crucial to maintain the accuracy of your telemarketing list.

We think the key take away from this section of the article should be that alongside actually selling your products and services, your operatives should also be tasked with never missing an opportunity to clean the data. Even on calls when they fail to reach a decision maker, they can still check the veracity of the data you hold on the company that they are calling and look to enhance it as much as possible. Which leads us onto appending information.

Appending telemarketing lists as you use them

By committing to doing this as part of your outbound calling strategy you can enhance your current lists and make them even more profitable.

To start with, your list may not be as complete as you would like. You may only have a company name and telephone number. You can ask telemarketers to append the decision maker name, company postal address, a named email address for the decision maker and a generic company email address.

In one call, you have taken a single channel record and turned it into one that you can now call, send direct mail to and run email campaigns to. This is an invaluable exercise and one that can make a huge difference to your marketing and lead generation strategies.

It is also possible to append other key pieces of information that are specific to your offering. You might want a telemarketer to include information on the type of software they are using for a specific function, when insurance or utilities contracts renew or even if they are planning on moving office any time soon.

This practice allows you to gather key information on your prospects and streamline your approach to them moving forward. It also means that should a telemarketer leave your organisation, a future representative has all the information they need to pick up the baton and win their business in the future.

How to get the best out of telemarketing lists?

If you have purchased a telemarketing list, it’s important to use it while it is fresh. As we have discussed, data does decay quickly and for all cleansing and appending information is crucial, you would still prefer for your telemarketers to be getting through to the right person first time and to be calling accurate information.

Purchasing a telemarketing list is a good shortcut to getting your telemarketers on the phone quickly and in front of the right people, but you need to do some leg work during the procurement process.

You really need to be clear about what types of contacts you want your list to contain. A good way to go about doing this is to look at your existing customer base and finding common denominators.

For example, you might find that all of your very best customers are from the same industry, employ a similar number of people and are located in the same region. A good supplier will work with you to look at these common denominators and provide you with a totally bespoke list that matches them. By going through this process, you can focus your key resource, your telemarketers, on trying to find the prospects that are likely to also become really good clients.

Following that, you may want to look at the next level of client and build personas of them too, and so on.

The damage done by poor telemarketing lists.

Nothing kills morale more than a bad telemarketing list. Endless dead numbers and incorrect information leaves telemarketers questioning their reason for existence! Yes, we need them to be able to clean and append information, but if that is all they are doing…

We have covered some ways to select the right contacts but will next look at what you can expect from a data supplier and the best ways to avoid purchasing a bad list.

What can I expect from a supplier of telemarketing lists?

A telemarketing list supplier should be more concentrated on what you need rather than what they can supply. They should show a real zeal to uncover exactly who you are looking to target and to be honest, put you under a bit of pressure to be precise.

They should present you with a number of options for selecting your perfect list including breakdowns of proposed target sectors, geographic locations and job titles. If they are not doing this, they are concentrating on keeping your audience as broad as possible, which is a clear indicator that they may not have your best interest at heart.

They should also be able to provide you with a complete sample of the list they are proposing to sell you. Many suppliers will send you column headers detailing what information you can expect to receive, but this isn’t enough for you to be sure you are going to get the data you think you are getting.

You can ask about the compliance of the file they are offering you. How often is it checked against the CTPS? What are their GDPR policies? What licences are they offering? These are crucial questions which should be answered easily and without hesitation.

At Results Driven Marketing we offer all clients an account manager who can answer all of these questions and will work them on a continued basis. This continuity of services means that our staff know get to know your business and understand the best ways we can continue to help you win new business through your telemarketing campaigns.

We hope you have found this article to be helpful. If you are unsure of the best ways to get the most out of the telemarketing lists you currently hold, or feel like they need supplementing with fresh information, you can contact us here to book a free consultation.

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