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How To Avoid The Email Spam Filter

Email marketing, while boasting serious rewards, isn’t an easy gig. Writing compelling copy for your emails, drafting attractive templates and creating a punchy subject line requires serious creativity! Frustratingly, it’s also never guaranteed that your message will even be opened. When you apply effort to make your emails as appealing and beneficial to your customers as possible, the last thing you want is for your hard work to fall into the spam filter.

Save yourself some heartache and read through our useful guide on how to avoid the spam filter when working through your email marketing data.

Be considerate with punctuation

Fully capitalised subject titles with an abundance of exclamation marks seem aggressive, and present your business in a negative light. A study by the Radicati Group shows that more than 85% of readers prefer a subject line in all lowercase over one in all caps.

Instead of employing these disruptive tactics, try personalising your emails with thoughtful details like the recipient’s name. The more individual a subject title appears, the more likely it is that your email will be opened and not marked as spam.

Avoid attachments and embedded forms

Embedded forms in an email aren’t supported across common platforms, as they pose numerous security risks. Platforms don’t always support emails including attachments either, since the attachment may be malicious software or a virus.

Rather than risking the platforms flagging your emails as spam, upload your forms or attachments to your website and hyperlink to them in your email marketing. You could even present your links in a colourful call-to-action button to encourage a conversion.

Run your text through spell-check

Not only are spelling and grammar mistakes highly unprofessional, but they can also actually trigger a spam filter. High-quality emails on exceptional templates rarely include errors, and email platforms realise this. Spammy emails aren’t created as carefully, making them easy to identify.

Investing in a service such as Grammarly could pay off for you in the long run, especially if you’re self-editing. If your email copy has excellent grammar, correct spelling and exciting vocabulary, you’ll reach a greater audience and reap more rewards from email marketing.

Carefully maintain your contact list

Practising proper email hygiene is vital to keep a good reputation as a marketer. Complaint rates to your material are based on active subscribers, not the total number of subscribers to your email list. You’re best ensuring that the majority of your audience accounts aren’t closed.

If your contact list is looking a little slim after a purge, consider a data enrichment service. Data enrichment takes into account the demographics of your active customers and identifies more people just like them. Your new audience is just as likely to appreciate your marketing material.

Keep it easy to unsubscribe

Anybody receiving your communications should be able to unsubscribe with ease, or you’re holding them virtually hostage! If there isn’t a clear button or option to unsubscribe on your email template, recipients may mark your communications as spam and trash your reputation.

It may seem counterproductive almost to encourage unsubscribing to have successful email marketing campaigns, but it’s better to have a small and engaged audience than a large and uninterested one. You only want to target people who want to be targeted!

Stay up-to-date with sending laws and spam technology

Email marketing continually evolves, and you can’t get one step ahead. The best you can do is monitor your deliverability score with the analytics on your marketing platforms. If you begin to notice a dip in your email marketing results, study to figure out why and switch up your plan.

For further advice on maintaining your email marketing data and data enrichment services, please contact us.

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