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Email Split Test Ideas To Try Now

Email Split Test Ideas To Try Now

Split testing is a cornerstone of any marketing campaign. Meticulously improving each aspect of your campaign with data-driven insights can lead to some very impressive results. Email marketing is no exception and, in this post, we will look at some great split test ideas for your next email campaign.


Split testing simply means using several variations of a piece of marketing material and measuring which performs best. Which version of your marketing material each member of your audience receives is randomised. This allows you to gain insights on what performs best for better open rates, conversion and overall ROI.


Subject Line

An emails subject line is one of the most important elements and should be one of your top priorities when split testing. The subject line is the first thing recipients see and optimising this is key to maximizing how many people read your email. You’ll inevitably want to split test each element of the email. By testing the subject line first not only will more people be reading your emails, but you will have a larger pool for future split tests giving you more accurate data.


There are many variations of an email subject you can test. You can test different lengths, find what language leads to the best open rates and even determine whether statements or questions work best.



Images can be a great way to make an email more engaging. But how do you know if they are working or not? How do you know how many images to use, where to put them or even what images work best? Split testing. With split testing, you can find out whether your audience engages more with gifs or images. You can try incorporating images between the copy of an email or have the entire email be an image such as a poster or infographic. Art is subjective but with split testing, you can add some empirical data to determine which art best meets your email campaign goals.


Images will almost certainly make your emails more engaging but finding the sweet spot for your audience can take some testing. How many images work best for them? What is the best image to text ratio? And what types of images drive the business results you are looking for?



The timing of your emails is another great area to split test. The timing of your emails could be the difference between being buried under promotions from amazon and sitting at the top of the inbox when they open their email. This can be affected by their location and when they receive other emails as well as when they are most likely to check their inbox. You can’t guess all of this information and even the best email marketing list can’t tell you when they receive other mail, so you’ll have to do some split testing.


Maybe you read an article that said the best time to send an email is 6am on a Tuesday or perhaps it was 8pm on a Saturday. But a lot of other people may have read that article too and you could be competing with them to get into the same inbox. The only way you will really know what works with your email list is continual testing.


Successful email campaigns require a lot. They demand good email data and there’s a variety of email mistakes to avoid. In addition to that getting business results requires perfecting each element of your email. The only way to properly do this is split testing.

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