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Cold Calling Tips to Increase Your Sales

Cold calling tips to increase your sales aren’t difficult to find in this day and age. Holding a spot as one of the most traditional forms of marketing, every phone owner has already developed an opinion on sales calls. An extensive database of telemarketing data is the least of your concerns, now! Your job is to challenge your lead’s concerns, stand out, hold a quality conversation and secure a second interaction. In doing so, you are one step closer to securing a purchase or a relationship from your lead.


Don’t approach blindly

Research your prospect before reaching out to make a call. Understanding the kind of language they use, what they value and their interests could be vital in tailoring your pitch to close a deal. A tradesperson will not appreciate the same script as a company director, and neither recipient wants to feel patronised. 


The more personal your message, the more genuine it will deliver – as your call won’t feel tightly scripted or formatted. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for research, allowing you to research a company in terms of employee growth rate and distribution of job roles. Identifying the weak points of the business within your research and being sure to offer a potential solution is a smart approach.


Lead with your name

Opening a call with your full name and your company name is assertive. You instantly seem more reputable and trustworthy, and your prospect doesn’t need to ask you any personal questions straight away. You immediately challenge the trope that cold callers are secretive, and assure your prospect that your intentions are honest.


The person who asks the questions controls the conversation, so you want to be as upfront as possible while you establish some rapport. Your phone call will travel most smoothly if your prospect doesn’t have to interrupt your pitch with questions. 


Interrupt the usual pattern

One of the most effective ways to grab a prospect’s attention is to ask them an unexpected question. Something that can’t be answered on autopilot causes your prospect to have to think of a response and engage in your conversation. Even that small investment of thought from your potential customer makes them more receptive to your response. 


According to Gong.io, calls asking prospects ‘how have you been?’ boasted a 10.01% success rate over 90,000 calls, 6.6 times higher than the baseline.


Explain why you’re calling

One of the most important things to do within the beginning stages of your call is to give a brief reason why you’re contacting your prospect. If your motive isn’t clear, your conversation may not be fully understood. You don’t want to leave your potential customer confused about what value you’re offering. Your pitch should be memorable without notes, so keep your proposition as straight and concise as possible.


Maintain a good database

An unreliable database with missing or messy information costs time and money to sift through. To maximise your time spent cold calling, the information that you need should be easily accessible, and phone numbers should always be correct. Notes of customer interactions are also beneficial within a database as they can be read before making second contact, maintaining your rapport.


Equally as important, you want to avoid contacting unwilling leads twice. Keeping track of phone numbers that don’t wish to be contacted is vital in maintaining your company’s reputation. A social media complaint of intrusive behaviour from you could be damaging to the perception of your company and your sales tactics. It may deter future potential customers from working with you.


Maximise your success in cold calling by remaining intentional with every conversation. Plan for every call you make, research your prospect as much as possible and set a measurable goal for each interaction you initiate. With these cold calling tips to increase your sales, we hope to help you make the most of every minute in conversation with your prospects.

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