4 Ways to Maximise Your b2b Data Budget

4 Ways to Maximise Your b2b Data Budget

In an ideal world, marketing budgets would be endless; in the real world we all know that isn’t the case, which is why in this article we look to explore 4 ways to maximise the b2b data spend part of the pot.

1. Be sure to analyse your existing b2b database before considering additional spend

This sounds like a really obvious thing to do, but we speak to a lot of companies who don’t go through their existing files before further purchases.

You really want to be looking at it’s strengths and weaknesses so you can add to in it in the right areas.

It also makes sense to get your file into reasonable shape so that you can suppress it against any counts you will ask your b2b data supplier to run.

A great way to maximise your budget is to make sure you aren’t going to be purchasing data you already own!

2. Purchase b2b data for your most profitable markets first

By asking some questions of your existing database, you can identify your most profitable markets and buy b2b data for those types of companies, before considering spending further budget on lesser targets.

We explore the best ways to go about this and the right questions to ask of your client database in our article Why analysing your existing customer database helps streamline your b2b data purchases.

Once you have your key criteria in place, you seek advice from companies like us on the best way to identify these targets.

3. Be selective and get all the facts

Once you have your specific criteria outlined, you want to be sure that your supplier can deliver on it.

The best way to go about this is to request various breakdowns for the counts they have run.

These can contain information on the number of records per sector, the number of records in specific geographical locations, the size of the companies on the database by number of employees or company turnover, and the types of job titles they will deliver.

Once you have gone through this process, you might find that there are elements of the b2b data being proposed that might not fit your specific requirements and therefore can be culled.

Removing elements of the database that doesn’t fit your immediate or specific needs saves your budget which can be invested in other areas.

4. Work with the right supplier

The above should be no problem for a potential b2b data supplier to provide.

Make sure you are working with a supplier who understands your markets and works with you to make sure you have all the facts.

Results Driven Marketing have worked with countless companies and have decades of experience in delivering bespoke b2b data solutions, tailored specifically to match your core target markets.

Supplying from over 3.25 million records, we have access to the most comprehensive and accurate b2b data in the UK and take all clients through our proven 7-step data selection process to ensure we put the right solution in place for your business.


Analysis, segmentation and suppression are important elements to getting the most out of your b2b data budget.

Choosing a company, you trust with your budget is also key, so make sure you feel get all relevant information before parting with your cash.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and would welcome you to discuss your specific b2b data requirements with us so we can help you make informed purchasing decisions.

You can contact us on 0191 406 6399 or drop us an email info@rdmarketing.co.uk

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